10 New England-based Designers To Check Out

Not only is Boston rich in culture and history, this great city also houses a quality roster of different designers that offer a range of amazing products as well. With that, IM Boston has put together a list (in no particular order, of course) of the best designers around- those of which Bostonians can be truly proud of.

Which one of these brands do you own piece from? Do you have a favorite or even a go-to store among them?

For us, we cannot possibly choose a favorite among the list! All designs are worthy to be checked out, as each one brings something new to the table.

1. IGoVille

The name is derived from its founders’ Yoruba roots- with an engineer by trade the question: how do I combine my love for fashion with my professional career? Thus, this luxurious line of exquisite eye wear was born. IGo is a premium lifestyle brand that makes use of sustainable products made from nature to create unique styles for everyone.

From shirts, bags to eye wear, this brand not only carries high quality products, but ones that are environmental friendly too!

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photo courtesy of: IGo Ville Facebook

2. Chartzie

If one had to explain the vision of Chartzie and it’s x factor- it would be that it’s basically wearable art. Chartzie’s pieces would make you feel like you’re wearing a vibrant canvas, as both their square and oblong silk scarves will give that final, accented touch to your look!

Not only that, they have a variety of scarves for everyone to choose from – all with different styles and different color combinations that are oh-so pleasing to look at.

Turquoise SIlk Scarf

photo courtesy of: Chartzie

3. Daniela Corte

Daniela Corte’s brand specializes in women’s clothes. The creative vision behind the brand is that every piece comes out as elegant and beautiful, and that it brings out a sense of empowerment for the ladies. The founder, Daniela Corte herself, prides herself on the fact that all her clothes are both fashionable and functional- and we couldn’t agree more!

Browse through their site and you’ll find such beautiful pieces that it would be hard for you to resist hitting that ‘add to cart’ button. From all kinds of fashionable tops to even their own ‘leggings bar’ – all their pieces are absolutely to die for.

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photo courtest of: Daniela Corte Facebook

4. Irina Gorbman

A collection of pieces that are hand-painted and custom made, Irina Gorbman Fashion was created under the idea of “Art That Heals”. Each piece- whether it be the leggings, skirts, dresses or even the kimonos are made to order and customized to fit you perfectly. Moreover, each of the patterns are part of Irina’s original artworks, and can be expressed on a variety of fabrics: from silk, cotton, linen and even sports lyrca.


photo courtesy of: Irina Gorbman Facebook

5. Faburiq

Fabric is everything- that’s what this brand strongly abides by. From pocket squares, pocket rounds, ties, bow ties and even scarves, Faburiq’s products are made only from the finest fabric sourced in Japan. Made from only the best Kimono material, the products breathe life into the traditional textile designs that have been passed down from one generation to another.


photo courtest of: Faburiq

6. Ramblerose

Ramblerose was made by Maggie Antalek- a woman with a deep passion for the art behind hand-crafted jewelry. She’s had years of experience in this craft, as it started as a hobby as a child. Now, she’s grown her talent tremendously and has been making amazing pieces of jewelry that truly stand out.

The brand’s collection ranges from necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets as well as cuffs. Looking through the shop is an adventure too, as each piece feels like it has taken a life of its own.

Trust us when we say, you won’t regret purchasing any of their pieces – as they definitely complete any look!

photo courtesy of: Ramblerose


7. Boston Boot Co

The whole concept of Boston Boot Co is to create well-made products and give their utmost care and attention to detail in every pair they put out.

Using Boston as an inspiration, two guys created the Classic chukka boot with the city in mind- making the smart, rugged and timeless style of this kind of footwear. With the city of Boston notable for its unpredictable weather, the versatility of the boots can withstand anything- from sun, to sleet and snow.


photo courtesy of: Boston Boot Co.

8. Laced Boston

The name LACED alone is meaningful- as the brand believes in Living And Creating Experiences Daily. LACED is a family owned and operated brand established in 2006 that offers a wide selection of brands and styles. Not only that, LACED aims to create an impact in the community through different events such as open mic cyphers, in-store artists and other community events.

With it being the first high-end sneaker boutique around town, it is now home to popular brands such as Nike and Adidas. Aside from footwear, the store also houses their own LACED clothing line.


photo courtesy of: LACED Boston

9. Blank Label

The concept behind Blank Label is that every piece is custom fit and made to order. This brand specializes in menswear- from shirts, polos, to suit pants, denim and outerwear. Since each piece is crafted carefully, it takes 7-10 days for shirts and polos to be finished, and 2-3 weeks for the rest. The coolest thing? You can order pieces online and customize from their website, which makes it easier especially if you have your measurements on their database already.

What we love about this brand is that each piece created is a masterpiece, and that it takes into account the functionality and wearability for day-to-day activities. We truly recommend Blank Label the next time you’re looking to update your closet!

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photo courtesy of: Blank Label Facebook


10. IMB Clothing

What’s the city but the people?

The founders of IMB clothing believe that the city of Boston is great- not because of its sights and sounds, but moreso because the people make it great.

With that in mind, the most noteworthy thing about IMB clothing is the fact that every shirt has a story. Each shirt represents a facet of the city – something unique, something that Boston alone has. Each story is printed at the back of the shirt, so that everyone remembers how remarkable the city of Boston is.

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photo courtesy of: IMB Clothing


If this list proves anything, it’s that the New England area really has a thriving market of designers that are simply awesome at their craft. Not only do these brands have the most unique products, but a lot of creative thought goes behind each of the products they put out. So next time you’re looking for high quality items to spruce up your wardrobe, their links are up there at the ready for you!



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