24-Hour Restaurants in Boston

restaurants in boston

Most people who have been in Boston long enough know that Boston is a unique city. Unlike other major cities, such as NYC, Boston closes down on the early side. This includes restaurants, nightlife, gas stations and even the subway. Out in the city’s closest suburbs, you can’t get a bite to eat or fill up a tank of gas later than 9pm unless you consider the occasional 24 hour 7/11 real food or have enough gas to make it to a major highway. Even in its urban center, Boston’s nightlife is notorious for its relatively early last calls. Most importantly, Bostonians know how difficult it is to satisfy their late-night cravings since restaurants in Boston shut their doors, on average, somewhere between 9pm and 12am.

So, it’s 3am and you’re up late cramming for an exam or you’re just getting home after staying at the bar until last call. You’re hungry. What do you do? Refer back to IM Boston’s list of the city’s 24 hour restaurants and order yourself the late-night feast of your dreams.

1. South Street Diner

South Street Diner in Boston is open 24 hrs

Photo courtesy of South Street Diner’s Facebook page

Sitting a few blocks away from South Station, South Street Diner is known as the city’s go-to, 24-hour spot for classic diner dishes from cheeseburgers to milkshakes to all kinds of eggs. With an extensive local history, having been built in 1947, South Street Diner is a staple for locals and visitors alike. Don’t miss the chance to have your choice of comfort food either seamless’ed to your door or enjoyed in the location’s friendly atmosphere.

2. Bova’s Bakery

Bova's Bakery, in Boston's North End, is open 24 hrs

Photo courtesy of Bova’s Bakery Facebook page

Located on Salem Street in Boston’s historic North End neighborhood, this bakery has been serving up classic Italian pastries and fresh, overstuffed “spuckies” (sub sandwiches) 24 hours a day, seven days a week for over 70 years. They also make Sicilian pizzas, bread loaves and calzones if you’re feeling more savory than sweet. Bova’s may not offer delivery but they do have take-out, so if you live close by, this place will quickly become your most reliable best friend.

3. 24 Hours Pizza Delivery Boston

24 hour pizza delivery in Boston

Exclusively a delivery-only pizza shop, this place basically answers every Bostonian’s late-night prayers. They deliver to homes, hotels, offices, college dorms and just about everywhere in between as long as it’s within a 30 mile radius of Boston. Even better, their name is a bit misleading since they also serve up a variety of salads, sandwiches, calzones, seafood and desserts to satisfy your hankerings 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4. Doughboy Donuts & Deli

Doughboy Donuts & Deli in Boston's Southie Neighborhood

Photo courtesy of Vivian C. from Yelp.com

Ah, Doughboy Donuts & Deli. I have to confess my soft spot for this small but consistent donut shop. Positioned on Dot Ave (Dorchester Avenue, for those of you not from the area), Doughboy has been serving up sweet donuts, fresh coffee and hot breakfast sandwiches for cheap prices to their loyal customers for years. This place is old-school and the crowd here usually consists of blue collar workers and other regulars. Definitely pay Doughboy a visit if you’re bringing a box of doughnuts to work or just need a bacon, egg and cheese to cure your 5 am hangover.

Have you tried any of these 24 hour restaurants? Did we miss one of Boston’s best spots for late-night munchies? Share and let us know what you think!

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