3 Best Camping Places Near Boston For A Family Trip

camping in boston

Work life in Boston can be exhausting. It is true that it is more than worth it but every now and then, human’s minds need peace and calm. They need to run away from the view of their working desk and enjoy a great afternoon amongst their family. Where Boston shows extensive improvement in labor and education, it also gives elating possibilities to stay away from your professional environment.

Camping out is one of the exciting endeavors one can have that resides in Boston. The places near Boston feature everything from picnic tables to roasted marshmallows, from lush green leaves to the fresh atmosphere. All you need to make your every camping adventure memorable, this place has got it. So why not pack your bags, put them in the trunk and hit the road? Well wait a second and check out these top 3 camping sites first!


Harold Parker State Forest

This outdoor completes every activity and will not leave you unsatisfied. Located at 133 Jenkins Road Andover, MA, the campground contains over 89 sizeable campsites. Yeah, that’s a big figure. It means that whatever day you plan on going camping, Harold Parker State Forest will not disappoint you. The forest gives the compact sense of freshness and spans over 3,000 acres. Although it takes nearly an hour to drive to your destination, you will be enchanted by attractions along the way, with the forest being worth the wait. You can take part in numerous fun activities like biking, hiking, biking on mountains, fishing, hunting, and horseback riding for your kids as well as you.

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

The camping site presents great outdoors in the form of magnificent views, old stone bridges, wooden tracks and much more. The nature-feeling at this place won’t allow you to head back to your work. There is a lot to explore. Most prominent feature of this location stays as the 12 mile trail. Moreover, this campsite isn’t called wildlife for nothing. The sanctuary houses various species of beavers, turtles, frogs and toads, and some of the bird species too. This site is located at 87 Perkins Row Topsfield, MA. By becoming a member for just $65, your family can stay the night in the sanctuary cabins with the additional ability to rent canoes.

Cape Ann Campsite in Gloucester

Located 30 miles away from Boston, at 80 Atlantic Street Gloucester, Cape Ann is a marvelous camping place to enjoy a week. It features a nearby beach and beautiful sights. This camping site also offers fun activities for your kids. With over 200 campsites, this place also allows boating, sunbathing, and many other engaging activities. Water showers, picnic tables and toilet are also available. In the daylight, the forest turns light green and it is nothing but a beautiful view. Shopping opportunities and Wi-Fi hotspots are present here too.


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