3 Hidden Boston Museums That Will Blow Your Mind

What isn’t mind blowing in the city as big as Boston? The statue of three lies blows your mind. The downtown traffic blows your mind. The transit delays are exceptionally mind blowing. But the museums hold a whole other level of mind blowing in arts and history.

There is no setback on Boston Museum of Fine Arts, or the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, but these hidden gems also have a great set of collection to show you. Whether your trip is a long or a short one, be sure to educate yourselves through what these locations have to tell you. The three hidden Boston museums are explained below!

Museum of Bad Art

The Museum of Bad Art has the most interesting history. A man, namely Scott Wilson, found a painting from a trash can to show his friends. Upon seeing the article, they were so intrigued, they thought of starting a museum with the sole purpose of appreciating the drawings that are too bad to be ignored. Henceforth, the museum built in 1994 continues to enthrall and appall with the worst paintings in the world. Although its the museum of awful art, it is equally amusing just like some normal museum. A big contribution to this is from the captions and comments displayed alongside the paintings. Just imagine spending a figure of $7 only to watch these spoiled artworks.

Boston Athenaeum

Revealing the identity, this museum is located on the 10 1/2 Beacon Street and contains some verily valuable collections of the 19th century literature. Old books also showcase the American Revolution and other informative contents of the American history. The Boston Athenaeum is a library with the structure and architecture of the 1800s. This means chandeliers, busts, wooden floors, huge walls and furnished environment. Tens of thousands of shelves are populated by tens of thousands of books all enriched with the historic articles. In addition to the extensive presence of information in written form, the library also exhibits numerous collections of paintings and galleries.

Warren Anatomical Museum

Wherever you plan to go, just make sure the Warren Anatomical Museum is not in your list for a date night. When you think about this museum, imagine yourself with plentiful busts of mutated, scary faces. Imagine yourself among hundreds of glass boxes with human skeletons doing crazy things to freak you out. Imagine shelves lined with jars each holding a body part that belonged to an actual human being once. If all these things are not enough to please you, imagine artificial but advanced textured bodies lying around, torn from neck to the torso. Every possible form of anatomy can be found here.


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