4 Unconventional Activities To Do in Boston

Aside from the rich history and vibrant culture surrounding the city, Boston actually has a lot more to offer than just historical tours and duck boat adventures. In fact, we’ve managed to create a list of activities that would surely spice up your day with their one-of-a-kind nature!

  1. Shop in Bodega (6 Clearway St Boston, MA)


photo credit: bostonmagazine.com & covetandlou.com

At first glance, one wouldn’t think much of Bodega because of its unassuming storefront. More often than not, for both tourists and those clueless Bostonians alike, they get confused as to what kind of store this is because of the shelves of canned goods blocking a view of the inside of the store.

But give it a chance and you’ll see that the store offers more than just everyday grocery items. In fact, if you’re in the midst of searching for the latest styles in streetwear and the latest Yeezy Boosts or Air Jordans, then you’ve found the right place! Walk through their secret entrance and you’ll see what this urban wear boutique has to offer. Bostonians have even proclaimed it as one of the best sneaker spots in the area.


  1. Have fun with lasers- and not the laser tag kind of way with Danger! Awesome (10 Prospect St Cambridge, MA)

    danger awesome

    photo credit: yelp.com

Have you ever wanted your laptop or portable device to have a unique, customized design at the back? What if we told you that the design you have in mind can be created through the process of etching the device over with a high-powered laser? The guys from Danger!Awesome can do just that for you without harming your precious gadgets! Not only that, they can customize just about anything, on any surface.

So if you are curious to watch and learn how lasers operate, visiting this place does not seem like a bad idea at all!

  1. Up for a challenge? Escape The Room is your best bet (33 West Street Floor 3 Boston, MA)


photo credit: bostonmagazine.com 

Challenging yet enjoyable, frustrating yet rewarding- these are some of the descriptive words used to describe this activity. Escape The Room is definitely becoming one of the most popular go-to places in the city for both groups and individuals alike in search of an afternoon of fun.

The basic premise of Escape The Room is pretty straightforward: as you and the group you decide to come in with (or randomly grouped alongside with, if you don’t meet the minimum requirement of people) will be locked in a room and will be faced with challenges and have clues lying around so as to help you successfully escape within a given time frame. So far though, only about 20% of visitors have successfully accomplished this.

Do you want to try and see if you can be a part of the 20%? Then head on over to Escape The Room for a unique experience!

  1. Be transported into a new world in Mapparium. (200 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA)


As a part of the Mary Baker Eddy Library, this three-dimensional, three-story stained glass globe is considered as one of the big attractions that the establishment boasts of.

Once you start making your way across the 30 ft bridge that stretches across the globe structure, you will be seemingly introduced to a new realm. In the Mapparium, the experience gives you a peculiar view of the world and how knowledge was passed around the globe after penetrating geographic borders, and how things have changed since 1935 through lights, sound and video presentations.

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