5 Boston Indie Bands You Should Start Listening To

Music drives emotions. You need to feel what others feel by not being reluctant in getting to know the mainstream music. Grab your earphones and follow our instructions, there are good local Indie bands out there in Boston to amuse you with their performances. Many from these bands could not contain their popularity to local level because of their skills and you might know them already.

Here are some suggested indie bands you need to immediately start listening to.



  • Black Francis
  • David Lovering
  • Joey Santiago
  • Paz Lenchantin

Pixies started in 1986 from Boston but their group was disbanded in 1993 and was reformed in 2004 to present. Gary Smith (Producer) noticed Pixies while they were playing with Throwing Muses and told them, “I cannot sleep until you guys are world famous”. Soon after their “The Purple Tape” was out which contained a demo of 17 tracks.

After disbanding in 1993, the rumors kept saying things about reunion which finally happened in 2004 with a tour announcement for which the tickets were sold merely within minutes.

Tracks of Pixies you’d not want to miss:

  • Where Is My Mind?
  • Here Comes Your Man
  • Debaser
  • Monkey Gone To Heaven
  • Magdalena
  • Bone Machine
  • Broken Face

Mean Creek:


  • Mikey Holland
  • Chris Keene
  • Aurore Ounjian
  • Kevin Macdonald

Mean Creek was founded in 2006 based in Boston. Aurore Ounjian and Chris Keene had worked together as duo. Later on, they added drummers Mikey Holland and Kevin Macdonald which completed their band.

This band came into notoriety during 2009 when they released “The Sky” which earned them favorable views.

Songs by Mean Creek are:

  • The Sky
  • It’s Good To Be Back Again
  • The Comedian
  • Teenage Feeling
  • Hangover Mind
  • Night Running



  • Anna Fox Rochinski
  • Shane Butler
  • John Andrews
  • Keven Lareau

Quilt band was formed in 2009 based in Boston and now has become internationally recognized. Members of this band share their vocal duties to produce the best folk rock they can.

Songs by Quilt you would not want to miss are:

  • Saturday Bride
  • The Up The Tides
  • Mary Mountain
  • I Sleep In Nature
  • Cowboys In The Void



  • Henry Beguiristain
  • Jen de la Osa
  • Charles Murphy
  • Frank Hegyi

Aloud was formed in 2002 based in Boston are known for their vocals by using two members for them. In 2007 Aloud made it to the semifinal of WBCN rock and rumble by beating 15 other group to gain the wild card.

Songs by Aloud band are:

  • Face No More
  • The Battle Of Love
  • Blacks To The Wall
  • Counterfeit Star
  • Burning Bright

Mission of Burma:


  • Roger Miller
  • Clint Conley
  • Peter Prescott
  • Bob Weston

Mission of Burma was formed in 1979 but disbanded in 1983 and reunited again in 2002. Their recordings were released locally early on and appreciated. Therefore in 2002 they started playing reunion shows again.

Songs by Mission of Burma are:

  • Academy Fight Song
  • That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate
  • Okay/noway
  • Fun World
  • Fame & Fortune
  • Peking Spring
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