5 Boston Neighborhoods That Reflect Your Personality

Boston is known for its charming, interesting neighborhoods. Each one showing a unique nature, a unique characteristic. Just like all humans are made disparate from each other. If you opt a neighborhood that maps on your personality, not only you will live peacefully but the people around you will also continue to practice their peaceful activities. But its not always the case. Crazy, lonely, lazy, loud, all kinds of personalities dwell in the capital of Massachusetts. To find the perfect match for you, we have gathered around 5 neighborhoods and will be debating on them.


Even though all of the Bostonians are urban city workers, there can be some people, like you, who are extra professional. If that is the case, then South Boston is the right place for you to be. Among the working young professionals there, you will keep accompanied by motivations. The Irish architecture is truly gracious and will make you feel like the best place you could ever be.


If your are wealthy up to the limit that you don’t even know what to do with it. Consider buying a home in Back Bay. It can guarantee a fluent life with all its luxuries and lavish restaurants. The pristine look of the area will compel you never to go from that place. You can spend all your money here and keep earning to spend more. The pleasures of this neighborhood are never ending.


The Fenway is home to the Fenway Park, a baseball stadium. You can enjoy a game every weekend. It would be accessible at walking distance. What is more to know is that it is “the home of the Red Sox”, a famous baseball team. So all that love you crave for the sports has great importance in the Fenway neighborhood. The Fenway Park is much more than a stadium. A lot of food and fun, at reasonable prices, can also be found here.


Do you exhibit a chocolate-lover personality? The Dorchester, the largest neighborhood of Boston, is known for its delicious, guilty-pleasures of chocolate factories. All the time, these confections will be an arm-length of a distance to you. Just stretch it out and grab it. You can even try asking the factory owners if they let any space for residents.


The driving in the Downtown area of Boston will fulfill the lazy trait of yours for good. Even the snail’s speed is a little bit better. The Midtown also includes Boston City Hall and the State House. The streets of Boston are not really made for traffic, although livestock is also no exception.


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