5 DIY Halloween Decorations for City Living

halloween decorations

Living in the city may mean that you have limited lawn space (or even none at all) but it doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate for Halloween. There are plenty of do-it-yourself decorating ideas that fit perfectly on a small front lawn or just a front stoop. And they can all be accomplished without breaking the bank. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars buying decorations at the store, when you can make your own cheap decorations that look just as good, and better yet have that homemade flair and feel.

Make your own scarecrow


Have an old shirt and pair of overalls that you don’t wear anymore? Recycle those into scarecrow clothes! Tie the cuffs and sleeves shut with string or rubber bands, then stuff the clothes full of straw or leaves to give them a human shape. Paint a face on a small pumpkin to give your scarecrow a head, and then sit your scarecrow in a lawn chair or lean it against the wall next to the door. At the end of the season empty out the clothes and put them away to be reused next year!

Hang up some spooky ghosts


All you have to do to make these decorations is blow up some balloons and drape white fabric over them. If you have old sheets, you can cut them up into smaller squares to make your ghosts. When choosing your balloons, make sure that the color will not show through the sheets, or just use white balloons. Make sure that the tied end of the balloon is at the top, so that string can be attached to the knot over the sheet in order to hang the ghosts up. Use a little glue or tape to attach the sheet at the top of the balloon, but don’t glue the bottom down so that the ends will float around in the wind. If you want, you can draw a face on your ghost to give it some character.

Spiderwebs Everywhere


This one will require some shopping, but is still fairly inexpensive and best of all, reusable. Buy some fake cobwebs at your local Halloween store, and if you want, some big fuzzy spiders as well. Stretch the cobwebs over your doorframe and bushes, then twist the spiders into the webs. The webs may become dirty and stretched out, making it impossible to reuse them. However, buying replacements each year should cost less than five dollars, and the spiders will never need replacing.

Make Window Silhouettes


All you need for this project is some black construction paper and scissors. Cut your paper into some classic Halloween shapes, like a witch, black cat, or haunted house. For those with little artistic ability, stencils and traceable shapes are readily available online to help in your shape-making. Then use clear or double-sided tape to adhere your shapes to the inside of your windows in the front of your house. When the lights are on inside, the silhouettes will be visible coming through the window. If you are careful when removing them, these silhouettes can be reused year after year as well. Best of all, you can do these even if you live in an apartment and therefore don’t have a stoop, let alone a lawn.

Bloody Walkway


This idea is a bit messy, but definitely worth it. Buy some washable red paint that resembles the color of blood. Cover the bottoms of your bare feet with the paint, then create a bloody pathway of footsteps leading up to your front door. If you are sure that it will come off safely, paint your hands and put some bloody handprints on your doorframe and windows. Be aware that this decoration idea will wash away easily, so don’t apply the paint too early before Halloween if you don’t want to risk the rain getting rid of it. On the bright side, the footsteps will come off easily with some water when Halloween is over.

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