5 Most Instagrammable Places in Boston

Instagrammable Spots In Boston

Open your phone. What’s the first app you click on? For a huge chunk of people, it’s Instagram, making it the second most engaged social network in the world. For a lot of Boston, it’s a way to express what we’re doing and where we’ve been, emphasizing the fact that we live in an amazing city.


So what better way to show our dedication to this app and our city than by seeking out the most aesthetically please places for the sole purpose of a picture? Make sure your battery is on 100% and the angles are just right because we’ve found Boston’s top five most Instagrammable places.



instagrammable spots in boston

source: cambridgeusa.org

We won’t’ even touch on the fact that this one of the coolest spots to drink and eat in the city, with ridiculously good cocktails and a menu by the infamous Roxie’s Grilled Cheese. Aside from that, this bar includes a plethora of old school and new school games including Pac Man, Guitar Hero, pinball, and everything in between. Its’ bright lights and elaborately themed cocktails (like the giant shared ones that come in a Yoda glass) make this a perfect place to snap a few pics.


Everybody Fights

instagrammable spots in boston

source: everybodyfights.com

At this location, you’re going to have to sweat for the ‘gram. Everybody Fights is one of Boston’s hottest boxing gyms. But you get a whole lot more than just a great workout. Both of their Boston locations are reminiscent of a back alleyway boxing gym. It’s complete with black boxing bags, exposed brick, graffitied walls, and glowing bulb signs that are perfect for posing in front of for a ‘brag about your sweat’ endeavor.


Sky Lounge at Yotel

instagrammable spots in boston

source: yotel.com

Frankly, there are a lot of good views in Seaport now. As it’s been built up, there are plenty of rooftops for striking a pose in front of the skyline. But this upscale hotel chain has made its mark on Boston with its picture-perfect Sky Lounge. Go for the incredible view of the Seaport, but stay for the string lights, matching furniture, and glowing purple ambiance. It’s definitely a rooftop worth sharing.



instagrammable spots in boston

source: yvonnes.com

Dropping a pretty penny here is definitely worth the pictures you get. This supper club inspired speakeasy sits in the heart of Downtown Crossing. It boasts dim lighting, glowing bookshelves, and some of the most photogenic cocktails in the city. You’re going to want to dress up for these pictures.

Boston Athenaeum

instagrammable spots in boston

source: bostonathenaeum.org

For a place that’s hard to pronounce, it sure has an incredible interior. Beacon Hill is already Instagrammable enough, but step behind the doors and find one of America’s oldest (and most beautiful) independent libraries. It’s symmetrical shelves and antique chandeliers give you the perfect shot, and if you stay a while, a bit of knowledge. ( This is members only, but we think a membership is worth it!)


Another famously Instagrammable spot? The Lawn on D. See why this just might be your new summer hangout.

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