5 Must-Knows If Walking Dead Happens In Boston

Imagine what if the Harvard University gets crawled by those repellent creatures. What if those horrendous punks take over all the nightclubs and have all the cocktails to themselves. What if their gruesome females break dance and rock all of the stages. You haven’t thought of the worst situation yet. What if they bash into your home and dine with their ugly faces. Would you let all that keep going in front of your eyes? Threatening situations might arise when living in this world. Boston is no less different.

Hence, it is our duty to arm you with the best of knowledge that can save your mass when a crisis like a zombie apocalypse may arise.

North End Abandoned Tunnels

There is no better way of surviving a zombie attack than hiding in the tunnels beneath Boston. They are spooky as hell, but when zombies’ feet are touching your backs, what else option you got? It is better to have your soul scared out than being a flesh and body for the grotesque biters.

Medical Schools

The med schools of Boston might be your only shot at creating a cure. And it is not just us being optimistic. Based on data from Economic Modeling Specialists International, the Boston stands on top of the ranking for preparing a cure in circumstances. So heading there must be your preeminent task when you see a zombie for the first time. Take ample food with you. The workers in the laboratory must have an appetite!

Watch “The Walking Dead”

It is no joke, from all those days when you were sitting peacefully in your couch and watching your baseball team hit scores, this would be the perfect time for you to be a couch potato and catch up on “The Walking Dead”. The TV series can even show some hints on how to fend yourselves in the time of dire zombie attack. Don’t pay heed to the virus outside. Unless your windows are weak, the zombies will keep “knocking” on the windows.

Freak Out!

Nobody is hearing you. Nobody is paying attention. All of them are busy in saving their own mass. So freak out! Freak out like this is the last time you will be doing it. Freak out like you’ve never been before. Try it hard. Make horrible sounds so that the zombie 5 inches away from you dies from laughing.

Boston Gun Shops

Right from the moment you start hearing cries, run to the gun shops in Boston. We have even narrowed out the list for you. Kane’s Gun Shop should be on your GPS. So should Merrimack Firearms if the zombies have already taken over the former. The same goes for Middleboro Gun Shop.


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