5 Tips To Handle Line-Ups In Boston Calling Spring 2016

If you love live music concerts and have never been to the biggest music festival in Boston, pity you! Boston Calling Music Festival is the festival for all creeds and colors. Not just one, the many stages are occupied by multiple bands and rocking rock stars. Boston Calling lasts three days with bloom no less than the previous. It possesses the qualities and thrills of biggest and verily most successful live music acts.

Unlike most of the other live music festivals, Boston Calling doesn’t put any restraints to any specific age group. It even lets ages under 10 take all the fun for free. This majestic festival is usually held on City Hall Plaza and is usually held twice a year in May and September. In addition to the live performances, the event lets you enjoy amazing food, quality beer and much more fantastic stuff.

We are sensing the exciting feeling going on in there! Even if you knew about it before, we know you are excited about it all the more. So have yourself ready and read about 5 tips to handle the line-ups.

Bring Food

As the event is one tremendous festival, the food stalls will be crowded like hell. To avoid any step overs and fights, it would be best to bring your own food items. You can purchase some from the nearby fast food restaurants on the way or you can go for some big pack snacks purchased from a super store. This will ensure that, in case you don’t get access to the food stalls on the venue, you get enough to fill up your tummy and spare yourself all the disappointment. The water bottles will also help for waiting in the lines.

Sleeping Bags

The most feasible solution in America, for avoiding lines in new mobile releases and such, is the most applicable here too. Bring some nightwear with you along with your sleeping bags and leave them in the car. These sleeping bags are never allowed inside the venue but you can try spending the night outside with your effects.

Sunscreen And Sunglasses

When the excessive crowd with its all sorts of colognes and the sunshine from the nearby buildings get mixed up, imagine what a devastating effect they can concur to your skin. So wear enough sunscreen to handle the lines and put on a pair sunglasses, the really cool ones. But there’s no solution if you get crushed!

 Arrive Early!

Like it or not, this one is never gonna stay down. You always got to have a proactive attitude when going to not just big events, but small events also. Arriving early enough can always assure greater fun and negligible inconvenience. You might won’t have to stand in the queue at all.

 Going Round

Always use this trick to have a go towards the front of the stage, unless you are some big, muscled bodybuilder. Although those heavy weight champs can find it hard to do that. Always go round the crowd, never try to make it straight to the stage. You will never make it. It is a massive crowd. But the pincer movement can increase your chances.

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