6 Facts About Museum of Fine Arts – Boston

When you are planning a trip to Boston, most probably Museum of Fine Arts will be on the top of your hit list to visit. This place is as cool as the other side of your pillow and you’re surely going to love it.

This is one of the biggest museum of U.S and the most comprehensive museums of the world. It was founded in 1870 and is affiliated with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Museum of Fine Arts also have a partnership with their sister museum that is located in Nagoya, Japan. In their sister museum, more than 30 exhibitions have been organized with MFA and Nagoya’s curators. It shares 2,700 works from the MFA’s encyclopedia collection

Let’s just have a look on some of the facts about this museum.

1.    Fact # 1

Widely known to be one of the most comprehensive museums in the world, it contains more than 450,000 works of art. This museum also has one of the largest online databases in the world providing information of over 346,000 items of its collection, accompanied with digitized images.

2.    Fact # 2

It was founded in 1870 and then it was moved to its current location in 1909. Later then the renovations were carried out periodically on the building but the latest renovation’s opening ceremony is worth mentioning.

The wing opened on November 20, 2010 with free admission to the public. Mayor Thomas Menino declared it “Museum of Fine Arts Day”, and more than 13,500 visitors attended the opening. The 12,000-square-foot (1,100 m2) glass-enclosed courtyard features a 42.5-foot (13.0 m) high glass sculpture, titled the Lime Green Icicle Tower, by Dale Chihuly. In 2014, the Art of the Americas Wing was recognized for its high architectural achievement by being awarded the Harleston Parker Medal, by the Boston Society of Architects.

3.    Fact # 3

The museum was renovated and the facts and figures of renovation are as:

Pre-Construction Building Area: 483,447 square feet

Demolished Building Area: – 59,835 square feet

New Construction Area: 193,325 square feet

MFA Total Building Area: 616,937 square feet—28% increase in total building area

Total MFA Gallery Area: 221,267 square feet—16% increase in total gallery area

4.    Fact # 4

An American architect, Guy Lowell who received a degree in architecture from Massachusetts of Technology in 1894 and later continued his studies in London and Paris, designed this amazing structure. A central classical portico leads to a rotunda in the main building, which is flanked by two wings, each fronted with smaller classical porticos.

5.    Fact # 5

Nine out of every ten tourists who visit to Boston, visits this museum. Hence making it no. 1 most visited place in Boston and 55th most visited art museum in the world as of 2014. So if you visited Boston and not miss the opportunity to go to this museum then you are that unfortunate one out of every ten tourists.

6.    Fact # 6

Every year over one million people visit the museum and the revenue generated by the tourism authority; MFA contributes largest amount to it.


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