6 Tips To Train Like a Boston Marathon Runner

Taking place on Patriot’s Day every year, Boston Marathon is one of the biggest events in the history of Boston. The world’s oldest annual marathon is also the most successful road racing event. The Boston Marathon first took place in the summer of 1897 and in the memory of the Patriots, around a massive 30,000 number of entrants take part in this annual event. Not only do entrants show their determination, over 500,000 spectators from all around the world populate the streets of Boston to root and exhibit their patriotism.

Spectators aside, if you are deciding (or have decided!) to go for it and be one of the registered runners in the Boston Marathon then there are some things to consider. For qualifying the selection, you must be older than 18. If that is the case, we would like to give you super tips to train for the biggest road racing event in the world.

Pace Control

Evidently the most important thing to take handle of is your pace. When practicing, never start with all your energy so that you don’t feel the need to quit half way through. Your stamina is something to develop. Start your training by running an average speed and as the days go on, add a few miles per hour in the speed. Keep you energy divided and balanced and use it well.

Stay Put To The Hilly Areas

As the marathon will be held in the hilly regions of Massachusetts, it is imperative and surely beneficial for you to accustom your body with the hilly track. Doing this beforehand can train you well and you will know how and when to run faster right according to the course.

Its Not Training, Its Race

Do a warm-up for 15 minutes before each run. And when you start, behave like you are running for an actual race instead of practicing. This sends signals to your brain to make you more active which in turn helps in training a lot better. If you have a hard time convincing yourself, try the half marathon races that span on about 13 miles.

John Hancock Sports & Fitness Expo

The expo happens on weekends and presents great opportunities for you to gather information. This information is, of course, regarding to the running tips. Moreover, all of the participants have to fetch their bib number from here. This expo will be prove highly educational with lot of running aides and assistance.

Hire A Personal Trainer

Some professional guidance never hurts. While some of your peers can do it well on your own, you might need some extra attention. So go for hiring a coach that can put you on the right direction and on the right track. The famous marathon must have very capable trainers.

Bonus Tip

It is no fair deal to give all the tips to the runners. A Boston Marathon will be just a twinkle of 30,000 participants if it was not for the spectators. So for those who plan on cheering, never bring your sleeping bags or firearms or anything over the top exciting for those around you.

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