7 Boston Lounge Bars Perfect for Young Professionals

From education to entertainment, there is a little nook in between and is the love of everyone. It’s called eatery. Restaurants are the zeal of Boston. Numerous cuisines layer the menus for the customers to choose. Lavish lounges are populated all along the day. People come to rest, have a good time and relax from work. As Boston is considered to be home to workaholics, too, we have selected some fine lounge bars in Boston for young professionals to have their time out.

1. The Hawthorne

The Hawthorne is a local favorite situated in Kenmore Square. With its enticing dishes and brilliant ambiance, it manages to please all, especially young professionals. Features two comfortably fit seating areas, a high-top table and a lengthy 18-seat bar. As much as anything else, cocktails here are one of a kind too. The lounge truly gives you a sense of “at home” feeling with its comfy seating.

2. Eastern Standard

A great bar with great bartender, Eastern Standard proves to be a delightful place for young professionals. It is open from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. and all along the week. It has vibrant colors all around, lots of people to meet, pleasant seating, cheerful atmosphere and top notch drinks and food.

3. Lord Hobo

Lord Hobo is famous for its wide range of exceptional beers and fantastic cocktails. The bubbly list includes Cat Wagon, London 77, Hydrangea, while beer creations present Blonde Carline, Cyclist Rouge and Black Pudding. Functioning since 2009, Lord Hobo also serves beet salad, pumpkin toast, chicken and waffles and hobo burger. Most cost $11 but some offers even cost as less as $5.

4. Silvertone Bar & Grill

From side salads to main foods, all are served fresh at Silvertone. Grilled and baked dishes like baked Mac & Cheese and steak tips are also on the menu. The underground bar is something out of a dark story book, exhibiting brilliant ambiance and extraordinary setup. No one can stay without loving it. The steak tips cost $15 and are the most prominent dish of the restaurant.

5. Backbar

Backbar is a cozy place and really mirrors its name. You will have to go down a hallway to access some super-duper cocktails in all of Boston. This bar is dimly lit and possesses a sense of complete marvel. The seats are made out of wood and the music is awesome.

6. Drink

Although the name communicates that the bar is solely dependent on drinkers, but that is wrong. The bar also manages to serve very delicious appetizers. You should not forget to try Steak Tartare ($15). Liquor, gin, all cocktails can be ordered for $12 a pop.

7. W Lounge

The setup of W Lounge is one creative mess. The opaque curtains, couches topped with beautifully designed cushions, just everything about this lounge is really cool. Whether you are out with friends or alone back from work, this place will do everything to make you feel at home.

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