7 Essential Tips for New Students Moving to Boston

Boston Student

A new school year is approaching which means that another batch of new students will be pouring into this great city, hoping to obtain their respective degrees. With that, being in a new country (or even a new city or state) may be overwhelming for numerous reasons. But here are some tips that can ease the situation of you transitioning into a different environment and make the most of being a Boston student!

  1. Keep a piece of home with you

No matter what it may be. A picture of your family, an heirloom, a mug, or even that teddy bear you’ve had as a kid. Surely, there will be times where you’ll miss home, and having these small pieces that remind you of it may help in those times of uncontrollable homesickness.

In these modern times, the presence of video calls and social media platforms are what students who are away from home should be thankful for the most.  So don’t forget to keep in touch with the loved ones you’ve left behind! Having conversations with them from time to time may be some type of therapeutic experience to help you get by, and it still does make you feel like you’ve never left.


  1. Search engines are your best friend


Google, Bing, Yahoo, you name it. Whatever search engine you utilize on a regular basis will be important to your survival. This is because a lot of online recipes can be found through these sites and such tutorials can be helpful whenever you feel lost as to what to cook. Not only that, cleaning tips and techniques are easily searchable as well.

Being independent comes with a lot of responsibilities. In times of doubt, having the option to search online for answers is also a useful tool to have.


  1. Set up routines

One of the main takeaways from living by yourself (especially when your miles and miles away from family and friends) is that you develop a sense of discipline within you. Taking into account the fact that you mainly have to rely on yourself to get you through your days, setting up daily routines is a good starting point in instilling discipline within you.

Of course, remember to be spontaneous and have fun as well when you have some downtime! Relying too much on your routines can make life feel robotic. Remember to have fun and experience new things, as this is what living by yourself is all about.


  1. Make lists, different ones!


Goal lists, to-do lists and even grocery lists- any kind of list would be advantageous to you. Firstly, setting short, medium and long term is key in creating a more focused goal setting process. It builds a good foundation in effectively utilizing the time you’re in school.

On an everyday basis, apart from setting up a routine, seeing the different tasks for the day written out will also help in putting things into perspective. Not only that, the sense of fulfillment you’ll get in being able to go from one task to another can be oh so rewarding.


  1. Bostonians are naturally helpful, so don’t be too guarded!

Let’s get one thing straight: It’s okay to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to do so especially when you feel clueless. Because more often than not, the people around you have at one point, been lost in the city as well.

Whether you’re confused as to what train to board or which bus to wait for, asking around will also save you the hassle of having to rely on Google maps for everything.


  1. Take time to learn how the MBTA operates

With that, you should devote a free day upon settling in your new place to get lost in the city and find your way through the busy streets of Boston. Newcomers will soon find out that the easiest way to get around (if you don’t own a vehicle just yet) is through the MBTA system running through every nook and cranny in different parts of Boston.


  1. Never take your eyes off the prize

Always remember why you are here. When you feel like things just aren’t going your way, or you long to go back home, always remind yourself of your ultimate goal. After all, this whole process is a learning experience and it is the best way to put your independence and maturity to the test.

Your home and comfort zone will always be where it is- waiting for you with open arms at any given moment. So why not take the chance to get out into the world and seize what life has to offer!

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