A Guide To Art Galleries In SoWa Boston

Existing in the south of Washington Street, also called South Boston area, Mario Nicosia founded the SoWa district. He along with GTI Properties renewed this place with huge factories like musical instruments, shoes and canned items. It did not take long enough for the shops, open markets, restaurants and beautiful art galleries to notice this place and they started doing business here.

Today, the SoWa district is best known for its artistic contributions, such as accommodating art festivals, annual festivals, and art studios. Every year, artists from all around the United States illuminate SoWa by showcasing their best artwork. All these artists exhibit the culture of their country. From around 33 art galleries, let’s check out few of the best ones.

SoWa Artists Guild

SoWa Artists Guild must be the top gallery out there. Because of its exquisite assortment including fine arts, contemporary arts, oil paintings and other diverse forms. Every month, the First Friday promises total amusement and display of marvelous work. First Friday is an exhibition that happens on first Friday of each month. It is located on 450 Harrison Avenue. You can even enjoy cookies, muffins, cheese and other snacks free of cost. Everything is free with the exception of the paintings.

Arsi Libri

Another one along the Harrison Avenue, not only does the Arsi Libri have beautiful and rare paintings and patterns, it is a proper library with books focusing on nothing but art. Contemporary artworks are displayed outside with a charming doorbell. From architecture to abstract paintings, all the knowledge you seek about art is present in this place.


Lanoue Gallery

Filled with abstract and geometric shapes paintings, Lanoue Gallery also has some excellent sculptures. Neat, well-tended area to enjoy your time. This gallery also features contemporary painting as well as photography, has great exterior and is located on 125 Newbury Street in Boston.



Samson is known for its collections featuring new media. Not only does it stay ahead in the great assortment of digital art and computer graphics, the building also has some of the very fine sculptures based on animals and pottery. It is on 450 Harrison Avenue, Boston.


Bromfield Gallery

What moves us to enlist Bromfield among our top gallery choices is that it contributes to allow novice and emerging artists to take part in the annual competitions. One must visit this gallery on 450 Harrison Avenue.


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