A Walk to Remember: East Somerville’s Broadway Street!

Is it possible to plan one day around a stretch of a few blocks in the East Somerville area?

The answer is a simple yet resounding- yes! Though this may seem quite impossible, given the constraint in how far this location stretches out. Even so, Broadway Street is home to a lot of hidden gems in Somerville – whether it be related to lifestyle, finding a new hobby and of course, some amazing restaurants!

Check out the itinerary we’ve planned out for you, and see for yourself what these places have to offer!

6 AM: Have coffee in Ola Cafe

Starting off your morning with an amazing cup of coffee sets the tone for the rest of your day. So, why not make this amazing cafe as your first stop? As people have said countless times, don’t judge a book by its cover – and the small, simple facade of this cafe doesn’t equate the high quality products you can get from here.

Suggesting their specials would be pointless because most of their breakfast sandwiches are actually made on the spot, right in front of you, and they have had nothing but great reviews from the people who have tried them (and I agree with them fully, as I’ve tried these myself). Not only that, their coffee is so top notch that it’s hard to believe that it is a dollar or two cheaper than in most of the leading coffee chains and café’s around Boston.



8 AM: Sidyodtong Muay Thai Academy

The mere mention of the words ‘muay thai‘ or ‘mixed martial arts‘ may seem really daunting to some, especially if you don’t have any experience prior to paying a visit to the academy. But this establishment is home to trainers who are world class, and those who know what they’re doing. It is said that some of those who trained rigorously here have even made it to the big octagon- the UFC.

Sityodtong offers muay thai classes in all levels, so if you’re looking to learn some self-defense and kill time while you’re at it, this is the place to be!



12 noon: Maya Sol Mexican Lunch

The best way to reward yourself for training hard is to replenish your energy with scrumptious dishes. So after a rigorous exercise and sweating it out, sampling Mexican cuisine isn’t a bad idea. After all, this restaurant is home to a lot of authentic Mexican dishes that hit the spot each time! Carne Asada, Steak Quesadillas, Chicken nachos are their specialties, just to name a few.



2 PM: Somerville Library

Going to the Boston public library would be too far of a commute. But luckily, Somerville has its own mini version of it! With the wide array of books that range from one specific genre to another- be it mystery, science fiction, novels or educational materials, Somerville’s library opens early and closes late- which is good news for all you bookworms out there!

6 PM: Mudflat Pottery School

If you’re looking to try out a fun, new hobby that can make you feel relaxed and in tune with your artistic skills (or lack, thereof) then pottery is a good option to turn to! Mudflat Pottery school’s reviews are nothing but positive ones, especially because of the skilled instructors that can make any newbie feel like an expert.



8 PM: Casey’s Irish Pub

Ending the day in an Irish pub with a mug full of cold beer can be a testament to how great your day went. Casey’s Irish Pub can make anyone feel welcomed after a long, productive day- for both locals and tourists alike. With its homey atmosphere and amiable staff, it’s no wonder people prefer to spend the rest of their night here until closing time, even on weekdays!

Not in the mood for any alcohol? This place boasts of its menu, too! Their steak tips, grilled wings and pizza seem to be the talk of the town. Whether you are in a drinking mood or not, Casey’s is an avenue to end your day on a high note!


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