Adessa on Bay State

Hey, have you heard of Adessa on Bay State? IMBoston is so happy to have the chance to bring this Boston-based local band to you.

“The main purpose of our music is showing, by example, how to channel negative experiences into positive art.”

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Tell us who you are.

Freddy – This catch from Southern California likes beanies, cool sweaters and has an unbreakable bond with his cat, Morty. He’s been a monster bassist since 2010, and having him around is definitely a treat.


Jac – Jac’s Swiss swagger will charm you from the start. This Music Ed major loves his PBR, playing his drums and lying around watching movies with his girlfriend.


Eva – From the tropic shores of Half Moon Bay, CA, this latest addition to Adessa on Bay State enjoys octopuses/octopi (yes, both terms are valid), despises bowling and will chose Breakfast food over anything else. Being a songwriting major, she brings not only talent but also innovative ideas to the entire ensemble.


Adessa – To be the face of a band requires a person to be a certified badass. Adessa fits this requirement perfectly and is best described as Aesthetically Adorable & Thematically Twisted. Besides writing songs and making music, this talent from Montana enjoys Crockpot dinners and has finally watched the original Trilogy of Star Wars.

How did you meet each other and what is the story of starting a band?

After being friends for a while, our founder Adessa happened to mention her quest to find a drummer to Jac, not realizing her soul-bandmate drummer had been right in front of her the whole time. Not too long after Adessa on Bay State was born, Freddy came in as a temporary bassist and ended up being a perfect fit. Working together came naturally, which meant we were happy as our own little trio for a long time. However, the sound we wanted was unattainable with only three people.

Contrary to being the newest member of the band, Eva has known Adessa the longest. At the age of 15, they were randomly placed as roommates in a Berklee summer program and have been friends ever since. After attending one of Adessa on Bay State’s shows, Eva was blown away and invited them to play at an acoustic gig that she organized. After hearing Eva perform at that show, Jac, Freddy, and Adessa realized her harmonies and musical vibe fit perfectly with the overall sound of the band.

Who came up with the band name? What’s the meaning behind it?

Jac and our first bassist lived on Bay State Rd. when we started playing together. Since Adessa had written the initial songs by herself, it was clear to everyone that her name should be in the spotlight. We talked about the name “Adessa and the Bay State Boy’s Club”, but decided it was too long, and eventually shortened it to “Adessa on Bay State”.

What is the philosophy you want to convey through the songs?

Adessa was in a pretty dark spot when she wrote most of our songs. The main purpose of our music is showing, by example, how to channel negative experiences into positive art. Bad things happen, but you get to build character and develop a personality. We want to create songs that bring people to the realization of “huh, maybe it will get better”. As 20somethings, there are changes you want to make, but you have to embrace all the falls and mistakes you make. Scraped knees and broken hearts are all part of the human experience.

Can each of you tell us what drives you to do music?

Jac: “It’s just what I do. It’s hard to come up with an answer to this, because I never really thought about why I do music. It’s just something I like to do and it makes sense.”

Freddy: “A lot of the people I grew up listening to were able to write great pop songs with really relevant themes.”

Eva: “In addition to being naturally drawn to it, I love the process of self-discovery and growth that I get to share with others through music.”

Adessa: “Messing with the balance between pop music and aggressive lyrics is really interesting to me. Taking really raw experiences and throwing them into a song that sounds kind of cute, while at the same time being able to share those raw experiences with someone can be empowering.”

What’s your vision and mission to Adessa on Bay State?

We want to create something that people can relate to. We took the solo efforts of Adessa and turned it into this collaboration embracing struggles in a blunt fashion, letting people that have experienced similarly dark times know they are not alone.

Anything you’d like to share with us?

Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to be presented on IMBoston. It’s a big deal for us to hear what other people take away from our music. We are honored that you gave us this opportunity.


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