#AdoptDontShop: 10 Dogs You Can Adopt in Boston Right Now

Adopting a dog is the absolute best route you can take when you’re in the market for one. Not only are you saving a life (which is the most fulfilling feeling in the world, btw) but you are also not contributing to the inhumane practices of the pet store and breeding industry. Upon adoption, you also give room for another animal in need, whether you rescue from an adoption agency or a shelter. Here are ten pups that need your help and information on where you can find them:

1. Anberlin


Anbernlin is a seven month old pitbull terrier who is just seven months young, he is described as a total snuggle bug who loves other pets company. Look at the sweater… c’mon.

2.Candy Boo


Candy Boo is a three year old lab mix that is described as sweet as a button and look at that mushy face!! Don’t tell me you don’t want to cuddle the sh*t out of her. She’s screaming “love me love me!” And apparently she sleeps in…win win win.

If you are interested in Anberlin or Candy, email the k9 Animal Rescue League at adoptions@lasthopek9.org. The full adoption list of dogs available at this rescue group can be found here, they have tons of puppies and adult dogs alike!

3. Buddy


Buddy is an older handsome fella looking for his furrrrever home. He is a shy, reserved cuddle buddy. He does very well in quiet households. Older dogs are often overlooked at shelters and agencies,  but they make great companions. They are usually laid back and already housebroken.

4. Skittles


Skittles is a husky mix, with one brown and one blue eye (amazing and rare). Skittles is described as extremely friendly, outgoing with tons of energy who can keep up with you on long hikes or endless walks!

Skittles and Buddy are available at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Information on these two bundles of love are available on their website found here.

5. Fortune


Seriously, if no one adopts this mush… I will. Fortune is a great pyrenees and boxer mix only 2 months young. If you’re interested, I suggest you apply for adoption FAST, because a face like this won’t be available for long!

6. Cassie


Cassie is a total sweetheart from Georgia who is completely laid-back looking for someone to come scoop her up and love her!

Cassie and Fortune are waiting for your arrival at the Northeast Animal Shelter. You can give them a ring for more information about them at (978) 745-9888.

7. Max


Max is a Schnauzer mix who is just 8 months young. He loves to be cuddled and he is a total people pleaser who will be your loyal friend forever. He is extremely well mannered for a puppy, look at that proper stance and how well he poses for the camera, what a gem.

8. Nick


The face, the nose, the eyes, the ears… can nick be any more adorable?? Nick is a yellow lab mix approximately 12 weeks old who was abandoned along with his siblings (who would abandon that face, seriously). He is a playful ball of love who is doing very well with his house training and loves people and animals alike. GO GET HIM NOW (this is an order).

Max and Nick are up for adoption at the Great Dog Rescue New England and you can learn how to save these precious angels here.

9. Jake


Ok seriously I am dead. Jake is a cocker spaniel mix found in the middle of the road with his sisters. He is described as a spunky pup looking for you to love him!! So go love him. Jake is obtainable at the Rescue Angels (let’s be honest, he’s a total angel, so this is fitting) in Braintree. You can fill out an application for him here.

10. Drew


Drew is a happy little lad who is estimated to be 1-3 years old. He is a labrador mix who is full of life and is just looking for someone to love him. Swoon. Drew is also available at Rescue Angels League.

If you are a dog lover like me and you want an amazing addition to you or your family, please consider adoption. There are thousands of dogs in the New England area desperate for a home. If none of these dogs are of interest to you (doubtful) than you can browse any of the rescue leagues above for one. I can vouch for the adoption route because I have a rescue myself and it was the best decision I have ever made. #AdoptDontShop people!



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