Ahmos, Inside The Mind Of A Creative Marketer

“It’s all about treating people the way you would like to be treated,” says Ahmos, a Marketer/Business Development Coordinator and a graduate student attending Emerson College.

Here’s what he’s all about!

What made you choose Marketing as your career?

I have always been fascinated by people from all over world. We are very interesting beings with our mannerism to our very own consumer behavior.  I believe that we all have a story to tell and that story represents us. Same thing goes with brands. Brands have a story to tell and when its tide to a personal connection, it’s more meaningful and people will never forget it.

Currently right now I work for Volicon as a Marketing/Business Development Coordinator for a Media Intelligence Platform. I am responsible for leading campaigns, following up and providing effective marketing communication to our prospects such as CNN, NBC, ABC, to name a few.Hopefully, in the future that I can be a CMO or a CCO of a company in the entertainment industry. I have a passion for the art of films and theatre and being able to express those stories will be a dream come true.

What are your favorite brands? Describe your opinion on celebrity brand endorsements.

Some of my favorite brands are Starbucks, Nike, and Zappos.com. These brands are my personal favorites because they have a well thought out marketing execution process. The stories that they tell are something I can relate to and have a bond with. Not only their story but their customer service is excellent as well. They actually listen to what the consumer wants.

My opinion on celebrity endorsements is it depends on who that celebrity is and what their reputation is. For example, you don’t want someone who has a bad reputation for domestic violence to promote a peace campaign. Brands have to be very careful in selecting what celebrity they are going to choose because that celebrity has to represent that brand’s mission or have the same values of the brand.

Describe the importance of Cultural Immersion.

I think cultural immersion is very important. Especially in global marketing with the stories that we tell. We have to be fair in how we communicate our campaigns to consumers with different cultures. For example, you have to think of effective marketing channels (Billboards, TV, Magazine, Online, etc) that will get your message across to people in that specific country. What works here in the US might not work in Europe. Marketers have to understand that culture and be well informed in order to be successful in delivering that content to that specific target audience.

How do you like the Boston art?

I don’t like Boston art, I love it. There is always something happening around in the city. If it’s catching a theatrical show in the theatre district or going to the Museum of Fine Arts. You can even catch an open mic performance in a local coffee shop or see talent in our subway system. Art is all around we just have to open our senses to it.

Tell us a story – any funny incident or something that motivated you or taught you a lesson?

When I was living in Greece, there was a quote my professor said that truly inspired me. She said “You don’t find yourself, you create thyself” and it’s true. I have been blessed with meeting so many wonderful people in my life that I was able to incorporate their good qualities and adapt it to my lifestyle. I feel that you are never lost when it comes to “finding yourself” because you have always been there but I do believe that you can incorporate good behaviors of others in your lifestyle to make you a better person.

In the end, it’s all about treating people the way you would like to be treated but what impact or solution you had on society which is why I choose marketing communications as a career.

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