#BrewsOnTues | Turkish Delight

Addicted to coffee? The IM Boston team definitely is, and we’re all about trying new things. On a mission to go above our usual Dunks and Starbucks, we set out to find a couple coffee shops who excel at elevating the standard cup o’ joe; and we found Algiers Coffee House.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop with great drinks and a relaxed vibe for your afternoon delight, you’ve gotta try it.

Algiers Coffee House in Harvard Square

We headed out to Harvard Square to check out Algiers Middle Eastern Cafe. Serving up delicious Turkish Coffee and authentic Baklava…you won’t find any other place like it in Boston!

Stay tuned for an all new #BrewsOnTues next week, and be sure to check out our other Cambridge episode!

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