Alshane: Living the American Lie

Tell us a story – any funny incident or something that motivated you or taught you a lesson.

So a story? In the beginning me and my soul sister Chien-Hwe started getting to know each other and bond, by clowning around like kids. We were making different accents and practicing our British accents playing around with an idea we had for future projects, and then we ran into the German accent. We quickly realized that neither of us could do one very well and just sounded like we were making fun of it but we found one thing we could say that we have made a slogan and inside joke for both of us. UNT.. YAH! If you come to a Soul Sessions you will hear it a few times. We make pretty funny.


How did Soul Sessions come into being? And how do you plan to take it forward?

Soul Sessions was never mine to own, but it became mine to claim. The idea came from my soul sibling Chien-Hwe Hong. She cultivated great Artist by creating an environment that allowed people of all art forms to express themselves in one place. Without the show formality and third wall appeal. Audience and artists can mingle, chat and perform freely, with the support of other people who are looking for passion, not product. Because of that Soul Sessions will be one of the biggest things Chien-hwe will ever Create and one of the best things I will ever be proud to be apart of.

I personally will take part in recruiting like-minded people and artist to this great event, as well as utilize the network created from it. I want to help expose the world to art in its purest and this event gives people the opportunity to feel and experience art in a stronger more vibrant light. So, I have become a solder and general of Soul.


What other activities are you into, other than Soul Sessions?

Man I’m being crazy, trying to live the American life. Working two jobs, working on 2 businesses and my music. I like to stay active, productive, moving. If I find myself in a stagnant situation then I’m either falling asleep or twisting my hair out. literally. And anyone who knows enough of me can co-sign that statement. Haha.


What do you do in your spare time?

Haha, define spare. If I have time to spare its spent reflecting on things have done or plans set to do. To off set that I have to read learn something new, practice something different. In that mode I consider it working so its not spare time to me. Even if I took a vacation I would work in some way. I’m always trying to get better.


How would you rate nightlife in Boston? What have been your most amazing experiences in terms of the same?

Oh man, that’s a relative Question. It depends on the kind of night you’re trying to have. I have nights when i want to act a good fool, let loose on the floor with my eyes closed. Me, my drink and the music. Some nights though, more often lately, I feel like having a smooth laid back lounging live music kind of night. Lovely Lady included of course. (wink)
It also depends on your knowledge of where to go to fit your mood and vibe. Boston is diverse so no matter who you are, Boston’s got something, somewhere, for you. I rate it 12 out of 10.

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