Amazon’s First Book Store Opens in Massachusetts

If you don’t know this online retail giant then you’re most likely living under a rock. Amazon began as a web seller of books first before going into clothes and pretty much other goods out in the market and is now used by 54 million Americans nationwide (and still rising).

The amazing thing is that Amazon recently decided to open bookstores all over the United States. It started off in the west coast, where they opened their first branch in November of 2015 in Seattle, Washington. Finally and after some time of speculation, this book store has found its way to the great state of Massachusetts- with the first branch located in Dedham.


Dedham’s Amazon book store looks like your typical bookstore. Described as a brick-and-mortar store, they have a wide selection of genres and are perceived to be as if you’re shopping online, only getting the copy right then and there instead of waiting around. Moreover, some books are even sectioned depending on how they’re rated on the website.

Not only that, apart from the physical copies of books, Amazon books also houses Kindle ebook readers, Echo speakers, Fire TV and other related kinds of electronics- those that you can usually purchase from the ever-popular website. These gadgets are said to be the crowning jewel of the stores, as it would be easy for consumers to interact with the electronics now before deciding to bring one home.


One thing’s for sure, we’re proud to be the first east coast state to have this new amazing venture of this great company.



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