FriendsWithYou to Unveil Little Cloud at The Street


On August 1st, FriendsWithYou will unveil its “Little Cloud” installment at Chestnut Hill’s The Street

The shopping, fine dining, and entertainment center has partnered with the art collaborative, as well as the Art Production Fund to give the Chestnut Hill community a little love though art.


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Art at The Street grows as it welcomes its next big piece.

With each passing year, the prime shopper destination only continues to grow in both size and popularity. Because it is located right in the heart of Chestnut Hill,  The Street is always a lively scene—hosting shoppers and restaurant goers from all walks of life. Currently, the hub is home to over 43 big brands. This includes (but is not limited to) Lululemon Athletica, Jonathan Adler, and The Container Store.

A somewhat recent addition to the hub is its public art installments. The works of many reputable artists attract both residents and visitors alike who come to admire the unparalleled displays of creative genius. Stunning exhibits by Deborah Kass and Jessica Craig-Martin are among the talent that have made their mark—and the list continues to grow.



But aside from the all the attention, the art also generates a greater sense of community; and it is with this goal in mind that FriendsWithYou prepares to share its “Little Cloud” with The Street. Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III of FriendsWithYou focus on creating simple, yet powerful contemporary art. For fifteen years, the art collaborative has been renowned for accomplishing exactly this, with installments all over the globe. Next to be presented is their well-loved “Little Cloud”: a piece of serene, healing art. The structure stands at seven feet tall, and ten long—and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Join The Street in their Unveiling Celebration on Tuesday, August 1st to get a first look. Refreshments will be provided by Shake Shack, in addition to an art activity by The Paint Bar!



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