5 Fine Handcrafts And Arts Stores In Boston

Boston has always been on the climax of artistic innovations. The Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Gallery and above all, SoWa district with multitude of enchanting and attractive art pieces are the existing examples as bright as sunlight. You cannot argue with someone who tries to convince you with the artistic contributions this great city has made to the art world. And these contributions serve as the building blocks, depicting the history of this country too.

Let’s have 5 places added to your inventory of store collection. Even if you already got all of them, what’s the hurt of knowing more about them?

 Society of Arts & Crafts

Not necessarily a gift shop but the amazingly crafted objects here are something that make a perfect present for some occasions. The upper floor of the building is fixed for the art shows and events that take place here while the lower section has been home to handicrafts and such accessories since forever. The store also has beautiful and exquisite assortment of jewelry on display.

Phone: (617) 266-1810

Website: societyofcrafts.org

Address: 175 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

Johnson Paint Co.

One of the best paint stores around the colonies of Boston is the Johnson Paint Company. The staff operating this store are qualified people who are well aware of paints and such things. They have a vast variety of shades that can go with all your furniture in your home. Not to mention, they have a great art material collection too.

Phone: (617) 536-4244

Website: johnsonpaint.com

Address: 355 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02115

Blick Art Materials

Shelves and rows are filled with wallpapers, frames, and other fine art supplies. The store is a big one and has plentiful quantities of the items that you might require. Gifts can also be found in this place. Ceramics, brushes, mosaics, photo albums are also available.

Phone: (800) 828-4548

Website: dickblick.com

Address: 401 Park Dr Landmark Center, Fenway Boston, MA 02215

School of The Museum of Fine Arts Store

The Museum of Fine Arts has already made its mark all over Boston. It is a great tourist attraction and folks love it. What more they moved towards improvement was their fine arts store. Now it is shining with all the glow introducing its valuable items in handicrafts and art materials. Stationery, gift cards, gifts, wallpapers and many other accessories are good quality here.

Phone: (617) 267-6100

Website: smfa.edu/school-store

Address: 230 Fenway Boston, MA 02115

Bead + Fiber

As the store’s name implies, the store does exhibit a big collection, an assortment of different beads. You can order the most beautiful custom necklaces and even gift them to your friends. One can also order custom knitted fabrics. The friendly service will handle you pleasingly.

Phone: (617) 426-2322

Website: beadandfiber.net

Address: 460 Harrison Avenue Boston, MA 02118


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