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Joan Diaz. Digital Marketer. 23. Filipino born and raised, now residing in the lovely city of Boston!

public defender

With the growing influence of social media and other online platforms nowadays used to get one's opinions out there, Hannah Ibañez – a Florida


Who says you need to spend more to get more? Around our great city, that is really not the case. Sure, you hear about


Moviemakers flock to places like New England, not just for the scenic views and shooting locations, but also for the generous tax incentives offered

Imagine this: you get home from work on a random Wednesday night and collapse onto your couch, feeling tired from the long, trying day you’ve


If yesterday proved anything, it's that inspiring things happen every day- especially in the great city of Boston. With the 2017 Marathon closing, it's


If you've been around the downtown area of the city lately, you probably noticed that one of Boston's fave food trucks (aka the Chicken