Sophia Lipp 25POSTS

"I remember growing up and not feeling awkward with myself. But when I was around seven years old, it became extremely apparent to me


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts extends past Worcester. Shocking, right?Not really, considering the fact that state government leads the charge in neglecting Western Massachusetts. It's also

boston poet mila keaton

Boston poet Mila Keaton is taking the underground poetry scene by storm. When listening to Mila Keaton recite her poetry, it's almost as if you

red sox vs. yankees david price

It ended with a tie, yet fans are more ecstatic now than ever before. [caption id="attachment_58997" align="alignleft" width="500"] Courtesy of Michael Dwyer/Associated Press[/caption]It’s been a

boston politics this summer

In a world of "Fake News," it seems nearly impossible to find political sources that are both credible and entertaining. So, if you're sick of

best fest 2017 booths

Best Fest is back and better than ever before. Boston Magazine is hosting Best Fest once again this year with more amazing booths to try.