Awesome Ice Cream Cones Around Boston

ice cream cones in Boston

Summer is the season of frozen treats. Ice cream is a classic favorite, but here in Boston there are many places that take the traditional ice cream cone to the next level. IM Boston went out around the city to find the best places to cool off and satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out these awesome ice cream cones, and let us know where your favorite local ice cream joint is!

Crescent Ridge Farm


First, the team went to the Boston Public Market, where Crescent Ridge Farm, based in Sharon, serves up homemade ice cream in a variety of styles. We chose the Graham Central Station flavor, with chocolate covered graham crackers, in a waffle cone. The menu also featured non-dairy sorbets, sherberts and dozens of other flavors. See the full selection of award-winning ice cream here.



Then we headed down the street to Saus, a restaurant started by three local university graduates. Though it is famous for its French fries and many delicious accompanying sauces, Saus also has a robust dessert menu. IM Boston ordered a waffle sundae with vanilla ice cream, berry berry sauce and crumble, all topped with a chocolate covered cookie. Check out all of their sweet selections here.

Emack and Bolio’s

There are tons of great ice cream places on Newbury, but first the team stopped at Emack and Bolio’s. Though the shop is tiny, it is packed with tons of different ice cream and cone flavors. After much debate, we decided to get this Rice Krispie cone with a scoop of caramel moose prints. This famous ice cream shop also has locations in Charlestown, Cambridge and on Brookline Ave.



We then made a quick trip down the street to Amorino, famous for its flower-shaped gelato. And the cone was certainly as tasty as it was beautiful. The creamy raspberry and chocolate sorbets were just the right thickness and sweetness, blending together to taste like a chocolate-covered candy. Take a look at some more of Amorino’s dessert art here.

J.P. Licks


Finally we went to a Boston favorite, J.P. Licks. This local company is extremely popular around the city and for a good reason! The chocolate chip cookie ice cream tasted just like an actual cookie, and went perfectly with the chocolate sprinkle cone we chose.  Read about how this famous local chain got started and view the rest of their ice cream selection here.

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