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IM Boston Contributor Guidelines

Are you a loyal reader of IM Boston? Do you love our videos, infographics and useful articles? Want to contribute more creative content on our website? This is your chance to take action and to become a guest blogger for IM Boston!

We are thrilled to invite Bostonians to join our team as contributors of IM Boston. A good candidate should have a keen eye on every thing around the city, love exploring and having unique adventures, enjoy Boston lifestyle, have innovative ideas, possess critical thinking skills, and, most importantly, they should be willing to share their opinions with others. If you think we are totally describing you, do not hesitate. Join IM Boston to become one of us!


What Level of Contributor Should You Apply For?

IM Boston offers three levels of contributor: one-time contributors, regular contributors, and brand contributors.

  1. One time contributor:
    • Bostonians registering as a one-time contributor are not required to submit a writing sample prior to their content submission.
  2. Regular contributor:
    • Writing sample required with application
    • Regular contributors are expected to contribute at least one piece of content per month.
    • After four months of regular contributions they will receive an IM Boston swag bag.
    • After a year of regular contributions they will receive a $300 gift certificate.
    • Regular contributors are eligible to participate in commission bonus programs.
  3. Brand contributor:
    • Writing sample required with application.
    • Brand contributors are expected to contribute at least one piece of content per week.
    • After one month of weekly contributions they will receive an IM Boston swag bag.
    • After three months of weekly contributions they will receive a $300 gift certificate.
    • Brand contributors will be eligible to participate in quarterly incentive programs with the chance to win awesome prizes!
    • Brand contributors will also be eligible to participate in commission bonus programs.

Contributor Requirements:

IM Boston requires all contributors, including one-time contributors, to upload an image and personal description to their contributor account. All contributors are also require to share their content via social media once it has been posted to the IM Boston website.

Content we are looking for:

Articles submitted for consideration should be of interest to IM Boston’s readership, have a tone that is appropriate on our website, and be written by a person. Most importantly each piece of content submitted must be unique content. Types of content IM Boston accepts include articles, images, videos, slideshares, and any other creative forms of content. Typically, contributed articles are 500 words or more, along with appealing, high quality photos. We encourage lively, polished writing that can arouse readers’ attention and discussion, as well as balance between fun and usefulness. Below are the categories we are particularly interested in, but not limited to:

  1. Restaurant & Bar
  2. Event Updates
  3. Activities/ To-dos
  4. New around the city
  5. Tips & Tricks to Living in Boston
  6. Sports Fun
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Arts & Music
  9. Local Business News
  10. Interesting Photos & Videos


Terms of Use:

IM Boston reserves all the rights of the accepted content. IM Boston requests that submitted content remains exclusive to our site. It will take up to three business days for the reviewing process. Once content is accepted, contributors are forbid from distributing it through any other online or offline media without the consent of IM Boston. By submitting content, you agree IM Boston to publish and share it on our website, social media pages, and any other legal media platforms. IM Boston reserves the right to approve or accept any content we see fit.

By registering your profile, contributors allow IM Boston to use their personal information for contact purpose. We will not send messages on behalf of other organizations, or sell or trade our contributors’ personal or contact information with third parties.

How to apply to become a contributor?

Send us an email with the following items to contributor@imboston.com and one of our editors will contact you if we think you are a good fit for IM Boston. What we need from you:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number and email address
  • Tell us why you could be a great contributor for IM Boston
  • Share your previous work and relevant experience with us