Beginner’s Guide to BSO Classical Music Concerts

Boston is on the forefront in hosting musical concerts and music lovers from around the world come to get a glance at the musicians and the symphonies they so flawlessly present to their audience. All of them take place in the famous Boston Symphony Hall which is an enormous structure for seating over 2,500 people in its audience and acoustically, among the top three concert halls in the world. It is a red brick building from the outside while a lavish adequately decorated hall from the inside.

With a little insight about the Boston Symphony Hall, some ways to access the right shows for you are given below.

1. Directions

The first thing that comes to mind when planning a visit, is the location. The Boston Symphony Hall is located at 301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 and accessible on the Green Line E Branch to the Symphony Hall station.

2. Tickets

The Boston Symphony Orchestra hosts great music plays and thus there are more than one ways to get access to the tickets and booking.

Telephone Line

The seats can be booked on the telephone lines of the Boston Symphony Hall which is 617-683-9431. Another one is 888-266-1492 with ext. 431.

The have done a great deal in maintaining the information related to BSO concerts. They have a really helpful interactive map of the seating area in the Boston Symphony Hall. You just click the area in which you want to sit and the ticket prices are also listed alongside for the particular show. They also have an easy to understand user-interface so that you don’t have any trouble choosing the suitable concert.

3. Schedule

As with everything else, internet is the best way to stay up to date with the upcoming shows and performances.

The original Boston Symphony Orchestra website displays all the information in detail and in the best manner. You can head over to their calendar and see scroll around some upcoming shows. They also display the ticket price information, the artists, directors and even the time duration of each show. So this website can do wonders in deciding the right show for you.

Browse through their website for upcoming shows and events.

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