Best Boston Dining Patios for Every Occasion

Best Boston Restaurants

The city of Boston and its geographic location allows for some of the best views in the country. Which is why a lot of restaurants have an outside area for their patrons to have the option to sit outside and witness the beauty of Boston from the comfort of their own establishments.

So which ones have the best atmosphere for different, special occasions in one’s life? We’ve managed to narrow it down to these ones!

Romantic Dinner Date: Bistro Du Midi

bistro du midi

Bistro du Midi is one of the most sought after dining spots around. Located in Boylston, this Parisian style restaurant is celebrated not only for their signature dishes, but also because of the ambiance and the friendly staff. If you are looking for a romantic dinner date with a view of the Boston common, as well as an extensive selection of wine and cocktails to enjoy with a loved one then you’ve come to the right place.

Moreover, the restaurant does like to celebrate special occasions, and will even give you some freebies if they happen to know that you’re celebrating something.

So if you’re looking for a romantic setting that would make you and your partner feel like you’ve been transported to the streets of Paris then this Bistro is right up your alley!


Fun Hangout with Friends: Russell House Tavernoutdoor_dining_russell_house_tavern_nicole_fleming

This restaurant boasts of its al fresco dining area, where groups of people usually flock to every night to enjoy dining with friends. Bonding over their popular handmade drinks, you can feel a sense of camaraderie whenever you’re out in this Harvard Square area staple.

A lot of patrons not only commend this resto for its impressive selection of drinks, but most of the dishes as well- such as the clam bake pizza and bone marrow, dishes that make your dining experience unique.

River Bar


Are you and your friends up for an outdoor setting with a view overlooking the Mystic River? Then River Bar can be one of the places your group should consider, too! With its chill atmosphere, an extensive selection of drinks, and the fire pit patio it is mostly known for, you’ll surely enjoy a night out with your friends here!


Sunday Morning Brunch: Oleana Restaurant


Oleana is an Eastern Mediterranean restaurant. They specialize on different dishes such as their Hummus platter, Spinach falafel and seemingly everyone’s favorite: The Sultan’s Delight- which is a dish that consists of tamarind beef steak, along with a side of smoked eggplant puree.

But more than their scrumptious dishes, this recognized establishment around the Cambridge area is praised for its peaceful patio area. This particular part of Oleana makes it feasible for one to have a quiet Sunday brunch with a few companions.


De-stressing Alone Time: Loyal Nine


This restaurant-slash-café located in Cambridge St., Cambridge is popular for numerous reasons. Apart from the lovely patio area that has even hosted a wedding reception in its time, it is perfect for patrons who just want a quiet day to themselves. Those who visit this resto say that it’s perfect to hang out at the patio area during warm, sunny days.

At night, Loyal Nine turns into a place where people frequent for their gourmet dishes and “specials of the night”. Another noteworthy feature that Loyal nine has is its own open kitchen, where you can watch the chefs working hard to give everyone the yummiest and most presentable dishes. There is also a chef’s bar area where you get a front row seat to watch the chefs at work- which is also perfect for when you’re dining alone.

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