Boston’s Best Breakfast Sandwich Places

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day; but, if you’re living and working in Boston, there’s a good chance that getting in a good breakfast isn’t always a priority—at least not on the weekdays. As much as we would love to, who actually has the time to sit down with a full plate of corned beef hash, sunny-side-up eggs and stack of pancakes? Anyone? Bueller? BUT, going without breakfast isn’t the way to go either. So what is your solution to a speedy and substantial breakfast before your 9-5? You guessed it: the glorious breakfast sandwich. To help you find your perfect match, we have provided you with our carefully curated list of the best breakfast sandwiches in Boston.


Our list of the best breakfast sandwiches in Boston:


1. The Mud House (Minot Mud House)

389 Neponset Ave, Dorchester, MA 02122



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If you’re from Dot, you know The Mud House: its neighborly vibes, reputable variety of coffee flavors, and absolutely delicious breakfast sandwiches. On any bagel imaginable (or any form of bread, for that matter), you can get some of the best breakfast sandwiches in Boston.

We recommend trying: bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel (toasted)

**should note: cash only, not open on Sundays

2. Mike & Patty’s

12 Church St, Boston, MA 02116


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Mike & Patty’s is a quaint little mom and pop’s sandwich spot in the bay village; but don’t let its size fool you. These savory, skillfully crafted sandwiches have made a name for themselves, since the shop’s establishment in 2008—truly rendering Mike & Patty’s one of the most popular sandwich spots in the state. So, whether you’re running to work, or on your lunch break in the area, this is a sandwich joint you should always have on your radar; you can thank us later.

Cult favorites: Fancy, Breakfast Grilled Crack


3. Flour Bakery

131 Clarendon St Boston, MA 02116  

(and various Boston locations)

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Although Flour is well-loved for its sweets, the shop’s breakfast egg sandwich is an often overlooked gem that is just as deserving of praise. An egg patty, dressed with arugula, bacon, tomato, and dijonaise is the perfect way to start any day. The best part of it all? You can grab a pastry on your way out for later! Sounds like the perfect deal to us.

Must-try: Breakfast Egg Sandwich


4. Pavement Coffeehouse

1096 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215

(and several other Boston locations)



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If you haven’t heard of Pavement Coffeehouse, there’s a 10/10 chance that you’re missing out on something GREAT. In addition to good coffee, Pavement has also made its mark through its exceptional breakfast sandwiches. Pictured here is its renowned “Tequila Sunrise”—an extra special egg sandwich dressed with jalapeño cream cheese, crispy bacon, tomato, and red onion, that is deemed the perfect hangover cure by many Bostonians.

Must-try: Tequila Sunrise


5. Blunch

59 E Springfield St, Boston, MA 02118



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Another Boston breakfast sandwich classic is Blunch, located in the South End. Redefining brunch, this esteemed sandwich spot serves its breakfast sandwiches (and all other sandwiches) all day long—perfect to satisfy any bacon, egg and cheese midday craving we all know too well. Try a Blunch eggwich or bagelwich ASAP; you won’t regret it!

Our recommendations: Big Papi, The Delovely


There you have it: some of the best breakfast sandwiches in Boston that you should immediately add to your morning (or any time of day, really) routine. Looking for more of the best food spots in Boston? Check them out here!

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