Best Fest 2017: A Fun-Filled Night Celebrating Boston’s Greatest

Boston has more great things to offer than any other city in America. If you disagree with that statement, you certainly didn’t attend Boston Magazine’s Best Fest 2017, because  otherwise, you would have been convinced. In case you weren’t able to make it though, here are all the highlights from the spectacular festival to celebrate the best of what’s around!

A Young Tradition

best fest 2017 boston magazine

The Best Fest VIP Area, and a wonderful view of city plaza.

While Boston Magazine has been publishing its annual “Best of Boston” edition for 44 years now, Best Fest was held for only the third consecutive time this year. While young, this event has found it’s way into Boston’s most prized traditions, and surely won’t be leaving us anytime soon.

Boston Magazine created Best Fest not only to celebrate the recipients of Boston Magazine’s accolades, but to provide the people of Boston a night to enjoy the true best of the city. Both current and former recipients set up tents in the scenic City Hall plaza Tuesday night to offer Bostonians their sweet treats, delicious drinks and more! Vendors as recognizable as Stella Artois and as local as Michael’s Deli of Brookline lined the pathways and offered their specialties to eager guests.

The Best of the Best

north square oyster best fest 2017

North Square Oyster serves up their specialty at their Best Fest booth.

It’s not easy to earn a nod from Boston Magazine, what with so much competition in the area. This is great for us though, because it means any vendor at Best Fest is sure to be of high caliber. Some featured vendors from this year include Best Italian Restaurant SRV; Neptune Oyster, earning Best Lobster Roll and Uni, for best Sushi. While these were a few notable booths, there was no shortage of great dishes to sample, drinks to sip and merriment to enjoy on this spectacular night.

Rain or Shine, a Fantastic Time

food tent best fest 2017

The food tent at Best Fest.

Unfortunately this year’s Best Fest was victim to some nasty weather, but that didn’t bring anybodies spirits down. Other than wet seats, there were few signs of impact from the intermittent downpours. After all, weather can’t bring you down when great eats and bumping music are all around you!

More Than Just Eats

Although most guests’ favorite booths were understandably the food and drink samples, that’s not all Best Fest was about. Live music from some of the best area DJ’s boomed through the plaza. Brooklyn Boulders, winner of Best Bar Alternative, had a booth to showcase rock-climbing community and cafe/lounge space. AT&T and Infiniti also had booths at the event, with Infiniti giving out tote bags to the guests.

sweet cheeks biscuits best fest 2017

Sweet Cheeks serves up mini buttermilk biscuits at their booth.

Party for a Cause

Best Fest 2017 was surely a night to remember, but it wasn’t just fun and games. A portion of all ticket proceeds went to the Life is Good Kids Foundation. This charity aims to improve the quality of health, education and enrichment services offered to kids impacted by poverty, violence and illness. What’s better than having a great time for a great cause?

This fantastic night will surely be remembered as one of the best Boston had this year. Only one day later, we here at IM Boston are already eagerly awaiting the Best of Boston 2018 and the fantastic festival that’s sure to follow.

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