Bon Voyage, Eva & Chris!

Beyond Voyage is a travel lifestyle site designed to inspire and facilitate new adventures. The author, Eva has many ideas and recommendations on her site, but her biggest piece of advice is simple: Just Go!

Where has your travels taken you? Where was your favorite destination? 

We have been to 46 countries across 6 continents.  It’s hard to choose just one favorite so here are the places that top our list:

New Zealand & South Africa –  easily a tie for spectacular outdoor destinations! While very different culturally, they are similar in that they offer beautiful and diverse outdoor adventures. South Africa probably gets the edge for culinary delight. Some of the best (and cheapest) meals we’ve ever enjoyed were in South Africa’s winelands and safari camps!

Turkey – maybe our favorite cultural experience. We randomly got to participate in a local wedding in a small village in western Turkey that we won’t soon forget! We really loved the unique mixture of culture and had a great time in Istanbul.

Puerto Rico – we have family here and we were married in Old San Juan so this is a very personal favorite. We have been traveling to Puerto Rico two or three times per year for 15 years (and even longer for Eva) and are still finding new things to love about the island!

Heron Island, Australia – this one wins for our favorite beach. This is saying a lot, because we’ve seen some pretty spectacular beaches. Heron offers crystal clear water, beautiful white sand, spectacular coral reefs, and even friendly sharks that swim with you. It’s also a bit of a hidden gem, primarily enjoyed by locals.


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from traveling? 

Traveling instills happiness because it teaches us:

Simplicity: You really don’t need a lot of stuff to be happy. We significantly downsized on our trip and tried to keep this theme going when we returned.

Gratitude: We are incredibly fortunate. Traveling removes us from our bubble reminds us to count our blessings. There are so many people in the world who struggle to get by on very little. We always knew we were lucky to live in the USA, but traveling the world really makes this hit home. No matter how bad your day might be here in the U.S, we are incredibly lucky to call it home.

Discovery: Traveling somewhere new is always a learning experience. For us, learning brings joy.

Bravery: Every journey challenges us and makes us more confident. We’ve done so many things that we had never dreamed of doing twenty years ago.


How did you and your husband meet?

We lived in the same dorm our freshman year at Boston College. Chris knocked on my door and introduced himself. We were friends first and then started dating the following semester and have been together ever since!


Tell us a little about your blog, how/why did you start it?

We had just left our jobs for an eight-month trip around the world and thought a blog would be the best way to keep family, friends and colleagues up to date on our travels. That is why we started

We enjoyed writing the blog, received a lot of feedback and connected with other travelers and photographers from around the world. Since we continued to travel after coming back to Boston (albeit less often), we decided to keep writing.

The blog’s name is a play on Bon Voyage, which is usually used in reference to a specific journey. With our trip around the world we were going beyond the typical one-voyage-a-year and traveling to 22 countries in just eight months. Since our return, the name has taken on a new meaning. While we are not on-the-go every day, we strive to incorporate what we love about traveling into our daily lives. Whether we are half way around the world or close to home, we are always seeking new adventures.


What’s your favorite memory from traveling? 

Eva: One of my favorite memories was meeting my family in Cuba for the first time. I saw the neighborhood where my grandparents lived when they were young and the homes that my grandfather built (he was an architect). Havana and the people that we met were so familiar yet incredibly foreign at the same time. After hearing so many different opinions on Cuba’s political and economic situation, it was helpful to see it for myself and hear the perspective from the people that live there. Now that it is becoming easier to travel to Cuba, I hope to go back with our son once he is a little older and introduce him to all of his cousins.

Chris: It’s really tough to choose! Maybe not my #1 favorite memory, but I’ll always remember taking a wrong turn in a small village in Turkey in our rental car and ending up in a pedestrian-only part of town, where the street was too narrow to turn the car around – and we’d gone too far to back up. We ended up with a friendly local guiding us through the maze of pedestrian streets for the next 20 minutes. All the local kiosk owners had to move their shops out of the way one-by-one for us to get by! We had lots of friendly (and some annoyed) looks and comments, but we were laughing the whole time. Might have been a first for the people of that little village, and we’ll never forget it either!

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