BFF’s, Han + Diana

BFFs, living in different cities, equipped with digital cameras, healthy appetites and a mutual adoration for food. They review restaurants from New York, Boston and elsewhere in their delicious journey through life.

How did you and Diana meet? Where are you two from originally?

Diana and I met in 8th grade!  Diana called me a “dumbutt,” I couldn’t argue with her assessment (pun intended!), and we became the best of friends ever since!


Tell us more about your blog! How/why did you start it?

We’ve been taking pictures of food since the early age of digital cameras (before it was cool, and was heavily frowned upon), and we started the food blog as a place to share our pictures and chronicle our eating – as a food journal of sorts for ourselves, and for anyone who enjoys good food.


How has your blog Han+Diana brought you two closer together?

Our lives have become increasingly busy, professionally and personally (Diana got married last year!), so it’s nice to have something stay constant – to be able to share something with only each other that we both can contribute to and continue to develop together.


How often do you get to see each other? 

We’d love to see each other more often, but probably at least a few times a year now, especially during our annual trek to Texas to visit family during the holidays.  Our Christmas tradition is to get together, bake up a sweet feast and eat the night away. We also try to do weekend food trips – which we are planning for Labor Day this year, and I can’t wait!


If you could describe each other as any being any food dish, what would the other be? 

Diana would be a yeast doughnut – full of light and a real treat.

Han would be hot chocolate fudge – she’s the best medicine for all times, and no one can resist her goodness and warmth!


What are some of your other hobbies? 

Lately, I’ve been focusing on watercolor puns and calligraphy. Diana has newly discovered the joys of hiking.

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