Big Apple Circus Is Here! Reasons You Should Go See Their Show

Fun is marching on your way to mesmerize you with performances that would leave you to states of wonder, amazement, joy and sometime intimidation as well. You have been through a lot with your work, study and routine stuff now is the time to sit back and get amused with the performances around the corner.

Guessing who is bringing this all in one package for you in Boston? Well Big Apple Circus does not need any introduction because of their world known presentation of family entertainment.

Well in case, their reputation is not enough for your motivation, we are here to tell you why you should go see their shows.

What Makes “Big Apple Circus” Worth Seeing?

The show is nearly two hours of pure and nonstop entertainment, featuring clowns, jugglers, acrobats and aerialists from around the world.

Except these there are domestic and rescue animals with performances compelling the audience to smile and cheer their every move.

Circus For All

Big Apple Circus provides entertainment for every child and family out there. They annually distribute over fifty thousand to public, private schools and nonprofit organization which serve less fortunate children and families.

Big Apple Circus does not want you to miss the opportunity of viewing the world class circus performance with them.

Laughter Therapy

Clown performances during “Big Apple Circus” are based on the idea that laughter or chuckling makes the anxiety release easily and strive to freshen one’s mind. Big Apple Circus team used this very idea to provide unique services to youngsters undergoing treatment in pediatric facilities. Members of the clown team take medical rounds where the healing power of humor is always the prescription.

Let’s give a shout-out to “Big Apple Circus” for contributing the clown material to their show that will have you chuckling aplenty.

One routine involves a clown repeatedly looking in a porthole, which another clown throws a bucket of water through. Okay, in print, it may not sound funny, but believe me, it is funny as you see it through naked eye. 

Musical Chair

This portion is really cute where they chose three persons from the audience for participation. For this very performance, they simulate a person showing as if he does not know how to play musical chair. All the performers are source of great fun with their performances.

African Acrobats

You surely would not want to miss the opportunity of viewing an acrobat “head over heels” in love with you. Zuma Zuma African acrobats at Big Apple Circus shall be your best friends because they’ll always do you a good turn and will bend over backwards to help you!

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope has never been easy, never will it be. If experts at Big Apple Circus make it easy for you, do not try it at home. Maybe with a mattress underneath it, but I would recommend not to.

Big Apple Circus are bunch of highly skilled professional who are coming their way to you bringing hell lot of fun with them. Do not dare to miss it!

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