A Natural Born Actress – Anita Ganesan


Born and raised in Boston, Anita is what you call the real Bostonian. Discover how this strong willed women chose to pursue her dream of becoming an actress after years in the engineering field.

1. Tell us about your life in Boston.

I grew up in West Roxbury then moved to India for about 3 years and returned back to MA when I was 12 where I started school in Wayland. Since then I have lived the suburban life – going to college in Amherst and then working as a hardware engineering back in Framingham. I recently moved to New York to pursue acting full time, but will always be a Boston girl at heart <3.

2. Tell us about your transition from engineering to acting.

Acting has been a passion of mine since before I can remember. I think my parents believed it to be a phase before the dream of me being an actress started becoming a reality. Coming from a traditional Indian household, science and academics were heavily emphasized so I decided to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree. I am constantly amazed by new technologies and I have been so fortunate to work on a lot of great projects during my corporate “nine to five” but I never quite felt the same butterfly, happy feeling than when I performed. I started training in improvisation on the evenings and started getting heavily involved in the acting community within Boston. After a long time of acting on the nights and weekends, I decided that I wanted to make the full transition and chase after what I was truly passionate about.


3. Are you working on any acting projects currently?

I always try to stay busy and constantly hustle to work with great people who create great work. I am working on a feature film thats still in the development stages as well as a TV pilot filmed in India! The pilot will be filmed in Bangalore and the production is justly titled, “Breakfast in Bangalore.” It is a very relatable comedy about an Indian American family who decide to move back to India and try to regain their cultural roots. I just met my on screen siblings who are also very talented actors in New York and we are all ready and excited to start! I also have been working on a few video shorts of my own as writing is another creative jungle I would love to explore. 


4. What are you future goals and aspirations? What motivates you the most?

My parents and friends are constant motivating factors in my life. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who know that discovering what you are supposed to do in life is not a linear journey. My aspirations are to become heavily involved in all aspects of film making, not just in front of the camera. As I discover more about myself through different characters, I hope to be able to create art that really speaks to an audience and connect with them. I am not sure where the road will lead, but I have always been more dedicated to experiencing the journey.


5. What’s your favorite food? (You could also name your favorite restaurant.)

My favorite food always changes but the one staple in my appetite will always be Anna’s Taqueria! One word: Quesadilla.

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