Cameron Morton – Assistant Director with the Director’s Guild of America

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While some comfortably work 9 to 5 office jobs, Cameron Morton never spends two days the same way. As a Boston assistant director with the Director’s Guild of America, Morton is constantly jumping from movie to movie, working in different locations and with new crews and actors.

Since beginning his career in film, Morton has worked on numerous popular films, such as Patriots’ Day, Moonrise Kingdom, and the recently released Ghostbusters remake.

But how did it all start?

His love for film began when he was young. When he was five years old, he would use his grandfather’s VHS camcorder to recreate scenes from James Bond movies.

He always enjoyed watching movies and, even as a child, wanted to be a part of them.

After high school, Morton worked as security for concerts and movies. During this time, he became familiar with what working on a movie entails.

He then attended film school in Los Angeles for a year, but quickly realized the school wasn’t a good fit for him. Morton then returned home and began studying at the New England Institute of Art.

While going to school there, he realized that there were a lot of movies being filmed in this area and he again began working in security for them.

Though he was laid off while working security for a movie, he had made enough connections that he was offered a job as a production assistant. Since then, he has been working as a production assistant in various films mainly in the Boston area.

As a production assistant, his tasks primarily include scheduling during pre-production and making that all happen during actual production.

He’ll sit down with a team for a couple weeks, looking at the script and breaking it down, and determine which location will work best to shoot first and what the actors’ availability is.

Once filming begins, it’s a matter of execution.

“It’s making sure the director’s vision is getting out there and we’re able to help them get what they want while also communication everything that needs to happen to the other departments,” Morton said.

Morton’s favorite part of his job is the constantly new schedule.

“Just the change day to day. I never have to go to the same place; it’s always something new,” Morton said. “I would go crazy in the same spot.”

When he’s not working, he hates doing nothing and being bored.

He loves to hike and has been trying to climb all of the “4000-footers” in New Hampshire.

Morton also enjoys writing.

“When I’m not working I’m pretty much writing and trying to write my own scripts and the idea is to eventually direct, but that’s a long process,” Morton said.

He also used to do theater in high school and admits that the stage still intrigues him.

Though he never wanted to be in front of the camera, if he ever writes and directs his own movie, he would like to be in it.

Morton also stresses the perks of working in film in Massachusetts.

When asked what his favorite part about Boston is, he responded, “I think it’s just the people.”

“There’s just something about my Boston crew that I just have such an affection for; they’re like family to me,” Morton said.

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