What to Expect For Boston Calling 2017, Part 1: Awesome Lineup

It’s almost springtime! And with the changing of the season entails a lot of things. But more than the leaves growing back, flowers blooming once more and the city a lot becoming more livelier than in the colder months, it can also mean one thing: it’s time to check out this year’s Boston Calling lineup!

Boston Calling is a music festival that debuted around May 2013, and has been a tradition for Bostonians and non-Bostonians alike to attend and have fun in ever since.

And with another fresh Boston Calling line up this year, we’re here to give you the low down on the different acts performing to keep you up to speed and get you singing along during the festival itself. With this star-studded line up we can assure the festival goers one thing: this year will be lit af!

2017’s Boston Calling Lineup:


 boston calling lineup tool american band

source: http://opiwiki.com

If you don’t know who these guys are well.. we can only describe them in one word: legends. Tool is an American rock band that was formed in the 90’s and has won three Grammy’s, performed worldwide and had several albums topping charts everywhere since then.

One can easily search for their discography on Youtube and other music streaming sites, but if you ask us- our personal favorites are mostly from the 10,000 Days album.

Give the album a listen here.



mumford and sons boston calling lineup

source: http://mumfordandsons.com

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you probably don’t know this next band. If not, then we’re sure you’ve heard of them a few times and have heard them on the radio or have even seen Spotify playlists with them.

Mumford and Sons started in 2007 and is known to be an English rock band that have released about three studio albums (chart toppers, of course) since then.

Our top three fave songs are: I Will Wait, Hopeless Wanderer and Believe .



boston calling lineup chance the rapper


Did you watch the Grammy’s the other week? Because you have, you’ve probably seen him and his epic speech there when he won Best New Artist and Best Rap album and performance. Certainly, Chance is the most hyped performer in this year’s Boston Calling lineup.

He first started making noise in the industry back in 2013, when his second mixtape, Acid Rap started to get recognized.

If we had to recommend something you should listen to, it’s his whole ‘Coloring Book’ album, of course! Listen here and let us know what you think.



bon iver boston calling lineup

If you’re into indie folk bands, then you’ve probably heard of Bon Iver before. This group has been around since 2007 and has won multiple awards including Grammy’s in the past. They’re best known for their alternative type of music, and has been loved in both the indie and mainstream music scene since their debut.

We recommend starting with Holocene and then following it with Perth and Towers as well. Oh and while you’re at it, listen to frontman Justin Vernon’s cover of I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick Of Time.



xx band boston calling lineup

source: http://nme.com

Hailing from the city of London, this band was formed in 2005 and is still present and relevant up to this day. The XX’s music style reflects the different influences the band members have when it comes to their style. They slowly broke into the mainstream scene not too long after. Now, they have long been loved in both areas for their covers and original songs.

Give these awesome tracks a listen to hype yourself up for the festival itself! You Got The Love Cover (Original by Florence and the Machine), Islands and Angels

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