Val Kappa: Finding Strength Through Comedy

boston comedian val kappa

If there’s anything that’s worth taking away from Boston comedian Val Kappa’s story, it is that it pays to take a risk and that doing the thing that scares you the most may actually pay off at the end.

This is her story. From a college student in Emerson who stumbled upon Remington’s bar during the late 90’s, she soon found herself immersed in the art of comedy. Upon hearing the occupation of being a ‘stand-up comedian’ at first one would think that they’re all born courageous, but Val proves that it is not always the case. She tells IM Boston her struggles early on in life and how she was shy and reserved at first, but she how she took her inspiration from the bravery of stand-up comics and how their presence alone can light up a whole room.

Another amazing thing about her is that she’s also an artist and entrepreneur. She’s a very diverse artist, and the IMB team is honored to have met an artistic soul such as hers.

We asked her where she makes most of her work- and we’ll leave it to you to guess which fave Boston spot she chose! Watch the video below to find out if you got the answer right or not and for more on Val’s colorful story!



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