Lunara Devers, Dancing Toward Diversity

boston dancer lunara devers

If Boston dancer and teacher Lunara Devers could have her students take one lesson away from her classes, it would be this: do not be afraid to invest in yourselves.

If she had not received a community-based scholarship to attend a dance school, Lunara doesn’t know what she would be doing today — but she does know that the way she can give back to her community is by teaching others to experience the love and joy that dancing brings.

Whether she’s performing at fashion shows or volunteering to teach students at Charlestown High School, Lunara gives her complete body, mind and soul to every step, spin and jump in her routine. With decreasing arts budgets in public schools and an increasing stress on STEM learning, Lunara fears that future generations will never learn how to express themselves artistically — so, she lives everyday striving to inspire just one person with dance.

Discover how Lunara and her company, Different Dances, hope to inspire the greater Boston area with her culturally-based dances and positivity. #BostonHighlight

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