The Coolest Date Night Spots for Twenty-Somethings in Boston

Boston Date Ideas

1) Highball 

Highball is my favorite venue in the greater Boston area. I may be a little biased, but I believe that is a fantastic date night spot. It is the perfect mix of restaurant, lounge, and club. The absolute best thing about Highball would have to be the fact that they have every old school game you can imagine. They have Hungry Hippo, Connect Four, Pac-Man, and others that you can play to bring out your inner 90’s child. These games can also serve the perfect icebreaker for a first date. The atmosphere is awesome, the drinks are phenomenal, and the staff is great. Highly recommended.

2) The Brahmin 

The Brahmin is pretty sweet. The ambiance is perfect for date nights, it is dim, romantic, and quiet. The food is American cuisine and plenty of options for everyone to enjoy. The layout is also pretty sweet, there are two massive rooms to enjoy, with tables and lounge couches alike. Speaking of the tables, they clear them out at ten and it transitions into a club! It’s a perfect place for a quiet dinner, or a night out without having to ever leave!

date3) Moooo….

When I first heard of this place, I was very confused but upon arrival was pleasantly surprised. Mooo (yes it’s spelled like that) is an intimate small steakhouse located downtown. The food is absolutely incredible. The restaurant, however is a little on the pricey side, but it is perfect for special occasions with your significant other!

4) Yvonne’s 

I cannot begin to tell you how unique Yvonne’s is, it is a definitely an experience for sure. Yvonne’s is known as whats called a speakeasy. Back when prohibition was put into law, speakeasy were clubs that illegally served alcohol. Present time, a speakeasy is simply defined as a club that does absolutely no advertising, and it is solely discovered through word of mouth. When you arrive, it looks like a hair salon and there will be someone greeting you who will soon afterwards ask you for a password to get in (make sure you get said password via reservations beforehand). After the password is stated, you will be escorted into a secret door which leads to the restaurant. There is also a hidden club behind a bookcase that opens up at night. SO COOL.

5) Temazcal Tequila Cantina

Temazcal is a chic, modern Mexican restaurant located in the Seaport District. The food is authentic Mexican cuisine made from scratch with homemade cooking techniques. The view of the seaport is incredible and can be seen at all angles of the restaurant, and you can go any time of the year to enjoy this view. The best part about Temazcal? They have over 250 types of tequila to choose from, and who doesn’t love a great margarita?!

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