Dynamite Dog, Juan “Johnny” Rico, Saves Lives

Patrick Luk and his Boston Dog, Juan “Johnny” Rico, do everything together. In their free time, they love sleeping, watching TV and playing outside, but when it’s work time, the two do something a little bit different — they search for explosives.

When Patrick first met Juan “Johnny” Rico at seven-weeks old, he noticed two things: firstly, that this puppy was pretty disobedient and lazy, and secondly, that he also happened to be one of the smartest dogs he had ever encountered. He quickly realized that Johnny’s intelligence was being wasted as a household pet and made the decision that, with a little bit off a push, Johnny could do some good for this world. Patrick began to train Johnny to retrieve explosives and other suspicious items at high-profile events, and now, the two work at venues ranging from local schools to New York City’s own Times Square!

Discover how Patrick and Johnny became the dynamic duo that they are today. #BostonHighlights

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