Igor Kharitonenkov, Soldier of the Environment

Even from a very young age, Boston Environmentalist Igor Kharitonenkov has been determined to make a difference in the world. Helping people has always been a passion of his which led him to achieving a degree in psychology from Indiana University. To further his mission of helping people and making an impact, Igor moved to Boston to attend a PhD program in Neuropharmacology at Boston University. While he loved learning and working in research, Igor ultimately wasn’t comfortable narrowing down his career to one molecule or neuropathway so he withdrew from the program.

Knowing he did not want to return home to Indianapolis, Igor took his chances in the unknown and decided to follow his passions in Boston. When asked what his next steps would be, Igor reflected on his interests and internal drive that had been there all along and knew his answer. “I’m going to work for the environment.” You can imagine skepticism came from all angles but this only motivated him more. Straying away from a grad school program and following his interest in the outdoors and the environment was not an easy step to make. Igor devoted himself to the outdoors and directed his efforts to the environment.

Discover how this soldier of the environment continuously makes a difference in not only #Boston, but our environment as a whole in this #BostonHighlight

Part 2:

After co-founding BootStrap Compost, Greater Boston’s food scrap go getters, Igor and his team are able to divert thousands of pounds of organic material from landfills every week. They are harnessing the potential of organic refuse to redefine and empower a local food community.

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