A Day with the Family in Boston

family in boston

Family fun as experienced in Boston can’t be observed anywhere else. Being home to the animals of over six zoos, it is a total treat for kids. And not just zoos and aquariums, the city of Boston is also clustered with many museums, including Animagic Museum and Pirate Museum. Focusing strictly on the places that assure true enjoyment with family, we have prepared a list of places that are worth giving a shot. Read on!


Franklin Park Zoo:

It’s difficult to start somewhere when describing the Franklin Park Zoo. The exhibits are perfectly suited for the habitats as well as allowing the guests a clear view of the animals. Glass, wood, brick and stone, each material is figured out and structured in the zoo with great efficiency. All of the biomes are selected according to the requirements and up to the enjoyment of the habitats. From king of the jungle to the fishes of the nautical, this zoo is enriched with species. It is a great attraction and an exhilarating place for kids. They also have statues and amusement sections specially designed for kids. Gorillas, tigers, lions, giraffes, and scores more await your arrival in this beautiful place located in colorful Jamaica Plain.


New England Aquarium:

If you fancy the creatures from the waters and ocean life, this place is definitely worthwhile. Great glass tanks containing every kind of fish are there for you to meet. Adorable Fairy Penguins hop around their rocks while an array of fish of all kinds circle inside the massive central tank that holds 200,000 gallons of salt water. Even sharks make a show once in a while. Beautiful jellyfish, big tortoises and sea turtles are some sight to sore eyes. Not to mention, apart from animals, the aquarium also features vibrant and colorful aquatic plants. Located at 1 Central Wharf, Boston, this place is a wonderful area to enjoy your day with the family or perhaps a date.


Boston’s Children’s Museum:

Boston Children’s Museum is the second oldest children’s museum in the United States. They have a number of activities full of joy and exploration for young and curious minds. Their Art Studio lets you and your kids work on pieces to take home. The Common is an area inside the museum where kids can play musical chairs, see light shows and play with gigantic checkers. They also have a gallery with beautiful and inspiring art not only from the country but from around the world. The exhibit named ‘Arthur and Friends’ lets your children play in Read Family Kitchen and the Backyard Sleepover from Marc Brown’s books. Kid Power, Kid Stage, Peep’s World and Play Space are also some other fun areas of the Boston Children’s Museum, which can be found at 308 Congress St.


Arnold Arboretum JP:

Located in Jamaica Plain, Arnold Arboretum was built around 1872 and spreads over 281 acres. This botanical garden possesses numerous beautiful and pleasantly fragrant trees. Whether you want to research greenery or you want to ease your mind, this place will let you feel that this is the only place alive in the whole city. Every corner of the arboretum delivers a sense of freeness and lets you dive into the beauty of nature. With scores of different species of trees and plants, this place is great for adventure and family picnics.


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