Caitlin Harper, Fashion and Clothes into Confident Prose

Looking at twenty-year-old Boston Fashion Blogger Caitlin Harper now, you would never guess that she is anything other than poised, cheerful and confident — but less than a year ago, her world completely crumbled around her. Battling depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and an attempt at suicide, Caitlin struggled with her inner-demons daily while adjusting to her freshman year at Boston University. Yet, she managed to find a light in something unexpected: clothing.

Caitlin was always told that she had a talent for fashion, but it wasn’t until she started a fashion blog with her best friend that she began to believe it. By up-cycling garments from thrift shops, customizing her own clothing, and modeling her designs online, newfound confidence began to stir in Caitlin. After she finally recognized her self-worth and inner-radiance, she made a decision: she would do everything that she could to inspire everyone to find their inner-radiance, too.

With an emphasis on body-positivity and a derivation from the fashion industry’s typical beauty norms, Caitlin seeks to use her blog and education as a Public Relations/Psychology major to make everyone feel beautiful. Check out the video below to discover more about Caitlin’s amazing story and why she is our #BostonHighlight this week.

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