Mikel Wisler, A Story Teller

Boston Filmmaker Mikel Wisler

“I’m a writer, Boston filmmaker, and a STORY TELLER.”

There’s two things in Wisler’s life that are the most important – being a stay-at-home dad to take care of a cute little girl and a puppy, as well as to tell stories through writing books and making short films.

“My purpose in life is to examine life, ask big questions, try to connect with the deeper meaning of why we are here. And in that sense I found a lot of purposes and meanings in story telling.”

Through his work, it’s not hard to find out that Wisler is passionate about examining and discussing the meaning of life. However, it’s not just about expressing his thoughts in the stories he tells, but to connect with the audience.

“I like being able to connect with people through stories. Whether I’m telling a story or making a short film that’s for general audience or reading books to my daughter, there’s certain different aspects of how I interact with those stories and interact with audiences.” 

Other than writing and filming, Wisler also runs the River Film Forum, where people don’t just watch movies, but also discuss the meaning of life through the theme of the movie, the idea behind the movie and how they found they are connected to a certain character.

When speaking of all the works he has done, from the film he has made to choosing a certain story to read to his daughter, Wisler says empathy is the core of everything.

“The more empathy we foster for each other, the better we are able to understand each other’s journey and perspective, and the better we are gonna be able to work together rather than be divided.”

Wisler keeps questioning and wondering about certain things in life and he tries to put all his thoughts and his wrestle with the meaning of life in his works.

Reading Wisler’s books and watching his films seem to be the best way to get a deeper understanding of who Wisler really is.

Wisler pointed out a short film that could be a great example of wrestling with himself is the one he made back in 2012 called A Silent Universe. The film talks about two brothers, a seminary dropout who has lost faith and a skeptical science teacher, trapped in a garage while the alien invasion is going on outside. The plot may be straightforward, but the idea he tries to convey through the film is very profound and meaningful.

Just like Wiseler, at some point in our lives, we wonder about the meaning of life, questioning who we are and why we are here. We may not be able to put our thoughts into books or films, but we are able to explore life through the stories in his works. Watch his full story below:


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