Where to Watch the Boston Fireworks on the 4th of July

The 4th of July is a huge event in Boston for obvious reasons; the cradle of our nation likes to throw down just as hard as our founding fathers did 241 years ago. Many of us celebrate in different ways, but almost every citizen goes outside to see the annual Boston fireworks shot from the Charles River. But where to watch the most patriotic display our country has to offer? No need to fear; our team has compiled the best, the coolest, and the most secret spots to see the sparks fly!

1. Bunker Hill Monument

Bunker Hill boston fireworks

Image Courtesy of trinitymanagementllc.net

What better place to watch the fireworks than one of Boston’s most historic American Revolution sites? Feel the patriotism flow through you as you watch the fireworks pop, reminiscent of the cannons fired on the very same Bunker Hill over two centuries ago. Not only is this spot great for the americana atmosphere, but the open hill has a great line of sight to where the Boston fireworks will be!

2. The Boston University Bridge

bu bridge boston fireworks

Image Courtesy of mattmacpherson.com

Bridges are always a popular spot to watch the fireworks from since they’re shot from barges right on the Charles. Of Beantown’s bridges, the BU bridge is definitely your best bet. The height of the bridge and its perfect location give sweeping views of the whole Boston skyline, and of course, the 4th of July fireworks display.

3. Dorchester Heights

Boston Fireworks over Dorchester Heights

Image Courtesy of flickr user David Parsons

Living in Dorchester and don’t want to fight the traffic? Or how about.. living in the city and want a more secluded spot? Dorchester Heights offers a great viewing of the annual pyrotechnic show, as seen above. This spot will likely be much more calm than the esplanade, but go early if you want to have the best line of sight for the display.

4. Boston Common

Boston Fireworks over Boston Public Garden

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Boston Common will be swimming with residents and tourists alike on the 4th, but there’s thankfully plenty of space to accommodate all. The Common wins the award for best group atmosphere, as there will be hundreds of families laying out blankets to take in the display in a place with a family friendly vibe.

Also, the Public Garden is a great place for photo ops like the one shown above!

5. Point Shirley

Boston Fireworks viewed from Point Shirley

Image Courtesy of highlandre.com

This is a great scenic location for viewing. Point Shirley not only has a direct line of sight to the Boston skyline, but also has beautiful parks and stretches along the water to choose your viewing spot from. This spot also gives you two for the price of one; you’ll be able to see the Winthrop fireworks a few hours before the Boston display goes off!

6. Cambridge Side

Boston Fireworks viewed from Cambridge Side

Image Courtesy of bostonusa.com

The Cambridge Side of the Charles certainly won’t be calm on Independence Night, but you’ll be better off here if you want a smaller crowd but still want to be along the river. Concessions will be available for sale, and speakers will pump in the sounds from the main side. You’ll also be able to get picturesque snaps with both the fireworks, the skyline, and the river all in frame!

7. Top of the Hub

Top of the Hub Boston Fireworks

Image Courtesy of boston.com

This one comes with a hefty price tag ($250 a head), but this view is absolutely unbeatable. If you want to enjoy the 4th with high class fare and a bar, have a date to impress, or simply want a higher altitude view for the fireworks display, you won’t regret shelling out the dollars for this one! There will also be a simulcast view of the Boston Pops Show right in the venue.

8. On a Boat!

Charles Riverboat Cruise

Image Courtesy of go2.guide

The Boston fireworks are launched from the Charles, so what better place to watch them than right on the water? Take out a boat, kayak, or other watercraft of choice and get a front row seat! Even if you don’t have your own boat, no need to fear; both the Charles Riverboat Company and the Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships will be offering 4th of July tours.

9. On Your Couch

boston fireworks on tv

Image Courtesy of youmeandtrends.com

Sure, it might not be what you expected as the perfect viewing site. But hey, sometimes you just want to avoid all the Hub’s hubbub and cuddle inside. The 4th of July Spectacular’s Media Partner, Bloomberg, will be airing the show live on Bloomberg Television (Channels: Dish: 203 / Verizon: 104 /DirecTV: 353). It will also be available on Bloomberg.com and Bloomberg mobile.

10. At the Hatch Shell

Boston Fireworks at the Hatch Shell

Image Courtesy of omotm.com

Of course we saved the best for last. As much as it’s nice to avoid the crowds, and even if we recommend exploring all our listed spots, there really is no better spot than on the Oval itself. Seeing the pops, mingling with other Bostonian, and watching the Boston fireworks roar up close and personal is truly unbeatable. Every good Bostonian needs to get down here once for what is one of America’s most patriotic, stunning events!

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