Boston Flower Arrangements: Cecilia and her Floral Masterpieces

boston flower arrangements

Today we bring you the story of Qianqian Wei, but you can call her Cecilia. Cecilia is an ambitious graduate student from China who has made America her home for the past year while studying finance at Boston University. In addition to being a student, she also owns a Boston flower arrangements business, “Seek Quang Event Design”. She got into the flower business after working for a socialite at a high end flower shop back home near Guangzhou, China. Her clients at the moment mainly consist of her fellow Boston University students. She provided us with an interesting perspective on her experience in America and her plans for the future.

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston are among the cities in America that many Chinese people are most interested in studying in or moving to, because of their larger Chinese populations. “Compared to the other three, Boston is a bit more quiet and has several leading  universities, so I think it has a good academic atmosphere.” According to Cecilia, Boston in particular has a reputation back in China for  being a particularly safe and clean city (obviously they don’t know  about that dirty Charles River water yet).


Cecilia is from the coastal province of Ningde and believes that she  will ultimately return to China. ”I want to go back to China  eventually, but I want to stay in America for the longer term.” She likes America, but getting a visa post graduation can be hard for some Chinese  students, she admits. “Most Chinese students have  more working ability challenges than other students from Europe.” For the time being, she is focused on finishing up her degree and keeping this business steady and growing.



We asked her for some inside information on her most memorable clients and she recalls one who ordered multiple flower arrangements with  very specific requests… but they were not all for the same girl!  “Finally I found out the truth and neither of those girls were his girlfriend!”, she says with a laugh.  For the most part, she finds that her clients are other Chinese students who are very particular about having the right arrangements to impress the special ladies in their lives, so she takes this side gig very seriously and really  enjoys the challenges it comes with. “I prefer to work for myself,” she declares with a smile.


Cecilia insisted that we could learn the art of flower arrangement with some books and time, but we think we’ll just give her a call when it’s our turn to send flowers to that special someone.


She has been doing a few more events lately, including fashion shows, news presses, children’s’ birthdays and a number of other functions. If you are interested in getting some beautiful flower arrangements check out Cecilia’s website:

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