Insta-Famous For Food: Following Tiffany Lopinsky of Boston Foodies

If you tend to indulge yourself in the “Foodstagram” craze taking over Instagram and other forms of social media, chances are you’ve come across the @bostonfoodies account at least once or twice. Tiffany Lopinsky, who runs the Boston Foodies Instagram account and her personal food blog, says she never expected to accumulate the near 70k followers she now has.

Hailing from Stoneham, a suburb of Boston, Lopinsky recently graduated from Harvard University and admits that she’s “kind of been a Bostonian forever,” but didn’t start documenting and sharing her food experiences until she moved into the tasteful neighborhood of Harvard Square. Once there, Lopinsky says she started her food-inspired Instagram for mere fun, as an enjoyable side project modeled after the delicious New York food accounts that take up hundreds of thousands of users’ news feeds. After hitting the 10k mark for followers, Lopinsky expanded Boston Foodies with the addition of her personal blog. One post just wasn’t enough to capture the entirety of each experience.

When commenting on the Boston blogger atmosphere, Lopinsky expressed a sense of warm belonging. “I think of New York, and I think of Boston, and I think Boston is much more of a community. In Boston, the blogger scene is a really tight network that is really welcoming.” Yet when you ask Lopinsky what her favorite part of being a well-established food blogger is, it’s not the personal dinner invites from restaurants or the drool-inducing foods she consumes, it’s the people she gets to meet along the way. From the tiny bakery owners to the remarkable women leading the kitchen at Nebo, Lopinsky has found her passion for meeting and connecting with people over their shared love and admiration of great food.  

Tiffany Lopinsky of Boston Foodies Instagram account

1. How has the Boston community allowed you to pursue your passions?

I love that the closeness of the Boston community, more specifically the food and blogger communities, has allowed me to do so much with Boston Foodies. I’ve met so many incredible people who have connected me with other people — whether they be restauranteurs, chefs, media people, other bloggers, and so many other impressive and kind individuals. It’s been so great to be able to explore my passion for food in a community that’s so welcoming and where everybody wants to get to know each other. It’s made my experience in food blogging exponentially better than it would have been on my own.

2. What is the one thing that you are most passionate about and why?

This won’t come as a surprise, but I’m really passionate about food. I think that food is an art just like music is an art, dance is an art, and painting and sculpture are arts. I feel that food is really an expression of passion and beauty, and I love capturing that through my food photographs and sharing them with the world. It brings me a lot of joy.

Charcuterie from Coppa in the South End. Photo by @bostonfoodies

Charcuterie from Coppa in the South End. Photo by @bostonfoodies

3. What or who inspires you the most?

I’m really inspired by a lot of the strong, impressive, and accomplished women who I’ve met or had the pleasure of getting to know in the Boston food and blogger communities. This actually extends even beyond just people who I’ve met through Boston Foodies and to other incredible women like professors and supervisors who I’ve worked with over the years. Many of them have become mentors to me and supported me in everything that I do. I’m so grateful for that, and they inspire me everyday!

4. What are some of your top Boston restaurant recommendations?

It’s hard for me to pick favorites because what I really love doing is going out and trying new restaurants, but I’ll give you a few places that I really love. For Italian, I absolutely love Nebo on Atlantic Ave — I think their pastas are incredible, I love the atmosphere, and the Nutella pizza for dessert is just amazing. Another one of my favorites is Loco Taqueria and Oyster Bar in South Boston. Every time I go there, I’m just amazed by the deliciousness and presentation of all of their dishes. One of my most recent favorites is BISq in Inman square. They have delicious charcuterie and cheese, and I thought their “dessert charcuterie” was incredibly creative. There are so many more but I’ll leave you with that for now!

“Behind Boston Foodies is just

a person who likes to eat and

thinks food is beautiful.”

5. If there was one thing about you that you’d want people to know, what would it be?

I would want people to know that my mission behind Boston Foodies is just to showcase some of the best local food in Boston. Visiting new restaurants, meeting chefs, photographing their food, and showing that to the Boston community is amazing. There are so many incredible things going on in the food scene here, and I love being able to share some of that through my blog and Instagram page.  I do this purely for fun and because I love it — I hope that comes across clearly in my work.

Cheese plate in Boston by Boston Foodies

Cheese Plate from L’Espalier in the Back Bay. Photo by @bostonfoodies

Behind her mission, Lopinsky’s main goal is to promote local businesses and chefs through her community-focused social media platform. To strengthen ties between Bostonians and their homes and to expand their social and cultural palates over delectable plates are some of the deeper roots found within Boston Foodies. At the end of the day, Lopinsky hopes that when friends, family and loved ones get together and ask where they should get a bite to eat in the area, they’ll turn to her account. With her Instagram success as evidence, Lopinsky’s Boston Foodies account shows how every passion is worth pursuing when it makes you happy. Besides, you never know when your dreams could lead to free food, right?

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